Why Kids Should Try Team Sports

We are a big sports family. My husband was very active in high school and college playing in several sports. I also played sports growing up. As soon as we thought our daughter was ready, we enrolled her in soccer. Unlike some, we waited until we thought she was old enough to understand and really learn the sport. For us, it was age 5. Pre-K girls soccer was really fun to watch! I had no idea how it was going to go, but we really enjoyed it.  The girls were so cute and small but yet tried to score. After that first season, we took a year and a half off. We had a baby, and we grew even busier. The next year we put our daughter in soccer again along with some of her fellow kindergarten friends. She wasn’t really excited about it. If it had been up to her, she wouldn’t have played again. I’m so glad I enrolled her on the team and ‘pushed’ her through it. Playing team sports can really teach kids a lot of life skills.



1. “Team” Player    The expression “There is no I in team” comes to mind for this. Playing a team sport you learn that you are not the only one. You have to work together.  My daughter is learning skills on how to get along with others and work together. She’s learning to communicate. These are skills she will need later on in life at any kind of job!

2. Exercise       Any sport is good exercise! You’re up running and being active. No tv’s or Ipads around, just some good sunshine and fresh air. It does great things for your body!

3. Sportsmanship      You don’t always win. Not everyone plays fair. In life, you do not always win. Playing a sport helps kids see that you don’t win all the time. You are going to lose a game just like you might not get the job you want, or get into the college you want to attend. It’s okay to lose. It’s actually a good thing. I am not a parent that sugar coats everything and keeps my daughter winning. What is important though, is being a good sport no matter what. (even when you don’t win!)

4. Dedication/Commitment    When you sign up for a sport, your team depends on you. Coaches want you at practices AND games. It got hectic at times driving around to all the said fields and games. I got tired of all the shin guards and tall socks and all the washing, but we pushed on. The team was counting on my daughter to be there so we went. We made a commitment for the season so we hung in there until the bitter end.

5. Having fun      Being on a team or sport should be fun. That’s what really matters to me anyway, as long as she has fun!

*Update: I wrote this post almost 2 years ago and my daughter is still loving soccer has her main sport. She is still having fun (even when it’s 100 degrees outside!) and that’s the important thing!

Do your kids play sports or do some sort of team activity?

Why kids should try a team sport


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  1. I have my oldest daughter in baseball and swimming in the summer. Starting this fall she will be in speedskating which we are all looking forward to. It is great for character building and gives them something to focus their energy into. Also, although we aren’t at this stage yet, older kids who are involved in sports are less likely to get into trouble!

    1. That’s a good thought about not getting into trouble. My mom always had me play sports to have a group of friends too (when I was older). Thanks for sharing!

  2. That’s awesome! Is she athletic? I wish my parents had put me in sports, but I just don’t think I’ve ever really been athletic. I think group activities are important in general. I wasn’t in sports, but I was in band and journalism, and those taught me a lot about working together and gave me a sense of community. No one is ever going to accuse me of having a “rocket arm”, haha. But I love that you and your family are sporty!

    1. Thanks Jessica! My daughter is very athletic. She was born a good and fast runner so my husband says she just has to play sports! She has never been into dance and we ‘re ok with that 🙂

  3. Yes, there is a lot of value to team sports! I have found many of the same benefits in other activities our family has pursue (not being a “sports” family) and am so thankful for the various opportunities available to grow our kids and to grow with our kids!

  4. Really like this – life skills through sports and hobbies sounds like a good way forward. + Really like that its about having fun not sending her in with a “you have to win” mentality which you hear some sports parents do 🙂

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