The New KidZania USA in Frisco, TX

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KidZania USA, Dallas TX

We had a chance to check out the new KidZania Grand Opening in Frisco this last week and it was so amazing. It was like nothing I have ever experienced before in my life! I was so thankful my kids were able to experience it as well!

Thank you so much to KidZaniaUSA for hosting us at their Grand Opening Day!

KIdZania USA, Dallas TX

KidZania is a city built for kids and run by kids. It is meant for kids ages 4-14 (they do have a toddler area!) and they very much want parents to take a step back and let kids learn and experience professions. Some of these professions include being a firefighter, nurse, chef, news anchor, astronaut, podcastor, actor, salon and more. They can also work at a movie theater, hospital, bank, restaurants, TV studio, and much more.

KidZania was really planned just for kids in mind to experience so much in one day! It’s so amazing.

When kids enter they each receive 50 KidZos (which is like $50) as you go through airport security and check in to the town. With this money the kids can do experiences like go to college and earn a degree or go to fashion school, and also have fun but some things cost money. They can also earn more KidZos by completing jobs.

KidZania USA, Dallas TX

Each experience takes about 20 minutes to complete and most have an allotment of how kids per visit. This might require a wait outside the experience. When kids are doing their jobs the parents are free to roam around and enjoy food and or the kid-free parent’s lounge area.

When you are there kids are extremely safe to roam around freely. When you go through security at the beginning everyone has wristbands that are barcoded together. They have so many employees working there that are all so helpful and sweet to the kids as well.

They also offer some restaurants inside KidZania including Mooyah, Happy Taco, and a Pie Five Pizza place. The kids can even work at the pizza place making the dough and ge to make their own pizza!!

During your visit kids can take at trip to the store and spend their Kidzos or save them. A good idea would be to visit the bank and turn in the Kidzos for a credit card. We didn’t do that this time but will for sure next time!

KidZania USA

I was proud of my kids for going to college at SMU! They did have to pay for this (in Kidzo) but then at every other job they did they would earn more money because they had a college degree. Isn’t that so neat?!

A highlight for this guy and most kids was being a fire-fighter. They went to school to learn all about it and even did training. They got to wear the equipment, then got to get on a fire truck, ride through the town and had to put out a fire! It was so cool.

KidZania USA, Dallas TX

KidZania USA, Dallas

They also experienced a vet clinic, taking care of newborns, putting on a fashion show, being fire-fighters, getting their degrees, and more. It was such an amazing day!

KidZania USA, Dallas

photo credit: Modern Mom Life

It’s advised that you will be at KidZania at least 4 hours and I can see how you would be there that long! There are so many things to do and your kids will want to do it all.

My kids walked away with so many fun experiences and knowledge of real-life jobs that would never get to do at their age. My daughter really wants to be a nurse (maybe eveb a NICU nurse) and she got to experience that! It really is an experience of a lifetime!

KidZania USA, Dallas TX

For more information about tickets and availabilities visit KidZaniaUSA.


November 24, 2019
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    It sounds amazing! The kids will learn many new things while having good time here. Thank you for the review!

    December 15, 2019 at 10:28 pm
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