Make Potty Training Fun

Make Potty Training Fun!!

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I’m about to enter one of the many fun milestones of a toddler, potty training. Since this is my 2nd child I have learned a little bit and know that no matter what, this kid will be using the potty someday. It seems like a challenging task to do but thanks to Huggies Pull-Ups®, potty training can be fun!

Make Potty Training Fun!!

I love to buy Huggies Pull-Ups®  at Walmart. They have great prices that can’t be beat. I purchased my packs of mine for an every day low price of $8.97.  Huggies® has many baby/toddler products I use daily. The Pull-Ups® are now even softer and have an even better fit.  I love that they have a wetness indicator and are the perfect fit for boys and girls. They also come in great characters that your kids will love. This helps to make potty time fun! Anything that gets your toddler excited will make using the potty more enjoyable. My little guy loves everything cars, so Lightning McQueen was his choice!

Huggies at Walmart

Now I’m all stocked up on our favorite Huggies Pull-ups® and essentials, it’s time to get down to business. My little guy is very intrigued by the potty and loves to watch other family members go. He’s right at potty training age and since he’s interested I think it’s time we get started.  Kids are all different and learn things at different times. It’s important take into consideration personality types when it comes to potty training. My little guy has a squirrel personality. He’s ALWAYS on the go and doesn’t like to slow down. He’s very busy but he LOVES games. To meet the potty training character’s and find out which one is your child’s visit the Walmart site.

I know that to keep him interested in using the potty I have to make it fun and like a game. I decided to make a ‘find-it’ game just for potty time. A ‘find-it’ game can be made with a few items you might even have on hand. I found these great letters in the crafting section, but another option would be to use buttons.

Find It Game tutorial to make Potty training fun

  1. Take an empty container that has a good lid ( I used an ice-tea bottle) and wash and dry it really well.
  2. Using a funnel or a spout, add some rice about 1/4 of the container. I had 2 bags just in case because your bottle will mostly be rice.
  3. Now add some of your buttons or whatever trinkets you want your child to ‘find’ in the rice. Add more rice and then more letters/buttons. Keep going until you get almost to the top, but don’t go all the way up. You will want the bottle to have some room for the rice to move around when you are searching to find the letter/buttons.
  4. Put the lid on and test it out making sure you left enough space. If not, dump out a bit of the rice. Once you have a good amount, add some good sealing glue and twist the lid on good and tight. Gluing the lid is essential, don’t skip this part! This will ensure your bottle will never open!

This should take you no time to make and then you can show your little one how to use it. I will call out a letter and have him find it. It would be fun to try and find all the letters of their name!

Potty Training fun

Find It TutorialA ‘find-it’ game is the perfect addition to your potty routine. Since your little one will be spending quite a bit of time in the bathroom area, this will make it exciting. I only allow my little guy to use the ‘find-it’ game during potty time. This is key to keeping this special time more fun and motivating 🙂 I made a little potty time basket that is full of our favorite pull-ups, wipes, books, and our ‘find-it’ game. This way, the basket is easy to keep everything in one place and keeps everything off the floor and all over the house.

A DIY "Find-It" game is perfect for when you are needing something to keep your kids attention while potty training! Make one today! #Pottytraintogether #AD

Wish me luck! We are just starting this adventure in our house. So far, so good!



Are you about the enter the potty training phase? Find your child’s type character here. You can also find out more about Pull-ups® learning designs®.

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  1. Aw what a cute idea! Potting training… I DO NOT miss thee, but soon enough we’ll be trying it with the toddler. Until then, diapers everywhere 🙂

  2. Omg!!! I might just have to make my daughter one of these!!! We are in the middle of potty training and ughh… Definitely an interesting time that’s for sure!

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