Making Sick Kids Feel Better {Remedies from Moms}

Mom remedies for sick kids

It’s that time of year. Cold and flu season are upon us. I think one of the hardest parts of parenting is when your kids are sick. (especially a little one that can’t express what’s wrong!) The good news is that you are not alone when you have a sick kids. I’ve found some awesome Moms to help give their advice and tips/tricks on making your kids feel better FAST 🙂

Mom remedies for sick kids

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Remedies from Moms on how to make Sick Kids Feel Better

  • Diffuser/Oils    I started using oils 2 years ago and I LOVE them. I diffuse and apply to myself and my kids. We have several diffusers around the house.  I buy some YL oils but I do find really good ones too at Sprouts and Whole Foods.
  • Vicks on feet/cover with socks      This is a trick given by lots of Moms. If your child has a bad cough, cover their feet with Vick’s vapor rub (top and bottom) and then cover with socks. This really helps ease the nighttime coughing. I do this for myself too!
  • Elderberry    I haven’t used this myself yet, but I just ordered this! I’ve heard lots of good info on this!
  • Make a Bed on the Couch             Cover a couch with fluffy blankets and pillows. (If your child has the yucky stomach stuff then use beach towels! It makes for an easy clean up if needed!) My kids always feel better when they can lay low on the couch.
  • Make a thermos of hot water (lemon, ginger, honey) Sip and steam!
  • Nose Frida  This is one of my things I tell all new Moms about. It looks gross and might seem weird but it really works to get out all the junk from their little noses safely. I LOVE this product!

Having sick kids is no fun! Hopefully, these tips will help ease some pain and your kids will be good as new in no time!

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Advice and tips from Moms on how to handle sick kids

14 Replies to “Making Sick Kids Feel Better {Remedies from Moms}”

  1. I swear by putting Vicks on your feet. It sounds ridiculous, but it works. It also works great to keep my daughter in bed- even if she’s sick, she still has to know what’s going on. Squishy socks are not worth it!

    I haven’t tried a homemade elderberry syrup, but I have had good results with Sambucol. It is an over-the-counter elderberry syrup designed to boost immunity. Ask a medical professional you know and they will tell you that this stuff is what keeps the doctors from catching your cold!

  2. I don’t think we would have survived without the Nose Frida here at The Triplet Farm. We all would have surely drown in snot without it! And I’m just starting oils. Can’t wait to see if it helps out my snot monsters!

  3. Vicks worked great on my son. And I thought the Nose Frida was the strangest gift someone got me for my baby shower… until I needed it. Then I realized what a really awesome gift it was! Thanks for these tips! I’m pinning this for the next time we get sick kiddos.

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