Marble Painting: Easy Art Idea For Kids

marble painting for kids

Have you ever done marble painting with your kids? It’s such an easy and fun art activity that the kids will love!

Marble Painting Idea for Kids. So easy and fun for lots of ages!

I first started to do marble painting with kids when I was teaching preschool. I had never actually done it with kids before but as I teacher, I loved how easy the set up was.

All you need some type of plastic tub (or a cardboard box lid works great too!), some marbles, and  some paint. That’s it! We use an old scooter box that has a lid so it works well on lots of art projects!

marble painting for kids

What makes marble painting so neat is that really every design turns out so different than any other. Even if you use the same exact colors the marbles will do their magic and create neat designs on the paper.


For preschool, we did marble painting a lot! You can do it when you talk about letter M for marbles, or just talking about a certain color.

marble painting for kids

Marble painting has easy set up and the kids can really make it their own by moving the marbles around however they want. Also, it’s pretty fast to dry too and makes a neat take home for kids!

I’ve been having my youngest do some marble painting a lot lately since he loves art and it’s easy to do outside when it’s not too hot. Check out this fun ice melt experiment,  which is also great to do outside.

Marble Painting Idea for Kids, an easy art activity

Are you ready to do some marble painting with your kids? Try it once and see what you think!

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