Mommy Survival Travel Kit

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I’ve blogged before about what’s in my purse, and things I will never leave the house without. Those are all true but those are all things that I need to have to survive with my kids. But what about things for Moms? Moms need to be prepared for anything. I’m always on the go with work and my kids so there are some things I need to have with me, for me. A Mommy survival travel kit is just what I needed to make sure I’m ready for anything! (especially when it comes to surviving the mad holiday season!!)


There are several things that I have realized over the years of mommy-hood that are much needed when I”m out here and there. It seems like I’m much more busier this time of year. The holidays are approaching and we’ve got the last few games of sports and fun holiday school events. Busy, busy, and it seems like once this part hits we don’t have much down time until January! There are a few things I’m going to put in my Mommy travel survival kit that will come in handy for anything that comes my way! I frequently shop at my local Walmart to help save money on every day items. Walmart carries all of these to make life easier for this Mom.

  • Gum: I love gum. I know it’s not the best for my jaws but gum can energize me and keep me going. It can also freshen your breath before sitting close to someone at a meeting or school program!
  • Headache Meds: You never know when a migraine or bad headache is going to come on so I never go far without my meds and other headache essentials to help keep me going.
  • Protein Bar: Moms need to be fueled too! Don’t just pack a snack for kiddos, pack one for you too. No reason for anyone to get hangry!
  • Chap stick: I have to have this with me! Dry lips are bad!
  • Poise ¬†Microliners: This will help for any bladder leakage. No, it’s not fun to talk about and can be somewhat embarrassing admitting it but after having children a Mom can suffer from light bladder leakage (LBL). It’s best to be prepared and Poise Microliners are super thin and make it easy to pop in your Mommy survival travel bag and you’re good to go.

Even with all this stuff I can store everything in a small carry on bag that easily fits into any of my small or larger sized purses.

Mom's Travel Survival Kit

Walmart is a great place to shop and stock up on your holiday needs. I found Poise Microliners at my local Walmart. Walmart is so convenient and a great one-stop-shop. They’re easy to find at Walmart and are a great price!


Poise Microliners are so thin that they make for great traveling and women on the go. We want to be protected and yet comfortable and these do both. They are also individually wrapped so you won’t have to worry about them getting messed up in your purse or bag. The best thing is though, now you will not have to worry about any LBL (light bladder leakage). You can stay confident and know that you are being protected for the if and when of any LBL. The truth of the matter is that LBL does happen. It’s better be be prepared for it use Poise Microliners.

Are you ready for the holiday madness?

November 15, 2016
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