Homework Survival Kit for Moms

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As much as I can’t believe it, the summer is coming to an end. In just a few short weeks it will be back to school for everyone. Back to school can be such a fun and exciting time. It’s a new beginning and a fresh start for all. Back to school also means back to homework. Homework can be such a pain for both parents and kids. That’s why it’s very important to be prepared for it! I’ve made a Back to School Homework Survival Kit for Mom’s to keep us organized and ready to tackle all the homework that comes our way.

Be ready for all the hw coming your way with back to school with this easy DIY hw caddy and survial kit for Moms #BacktoSchool #PositivelyPrepared #ad

Part of surviving the homework is actually work for parents too. Our kids will be bringing home endless amounts of paper work to look over and sign. It’s important to be on top of these things or the papers can really pile up. I accidentally tossed out some very important papers last year, not good! I decided this year I was going to (try) and be really on top of the paperwork. My daughter is going into 3rd grade and she will have more homework and be more involved in school activities.

To keep things in order and to help us all, we created homework basket. This doesn’t have to be much but a little organization can go a long way. My basic requirements were something to store some writing utensils because we never seemed to have good pencils and erasers for homework. I also wanted a folder where my daughter would be responsible for adding papers I need to sign. This is a great project that your kids can help you make.

HW Kit for Kids

  • Gather supplies needed like pencils/erasers/glue/crayons/markers/notebook.
  • Find some sort of a supply basket or container to hold the supplies.
  • Have your child decorate the basket with stickers and decide where to place supplies.
  • While they decorate their homework area, you make YOUR survival kit.

Homework can be a pain (literally) for Moms. I know that after a long day of working and household errands I can have a hard time sitting down and helping to do homework. To keep Mom from being in pain I’m putting some helpful products in my survival kit including Extra Strength TYLENOL®, TYLENOL® PM, and Ultra Strength BENGAY® Cream. Target has everything I need to prepare for Back to School.

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JJ medicine

Unfortunately I’m prone to headaches. That’s why I’m thankful for  Extra Strength TYLENOL®. It’s clinically proven strong, fast pain relief. I love that TYLENOL® does not irritate the stomach. It’s the #1 Doctor Recommended Brand of Pain Reliever for adults 12 and older. Moms are super busy all day and we need to have great sleep at night.  I love that TYLENOL® PM can relieve minor aches and pains while helping me fall asleep.  It is non-habit forming when used as directed for adults 12 and older.

A lot of parents (like myself) are going back to work after having some time off. Being back at work can lead to sore muscles. Now I can outlast my muscle pain – with the strongest working BENGAY®. It temporarily relieves the minor aches and pains of muscles and joints associated with: simple backache, arthritis, strains, bruises and sprains for adults 12 and older.

I love that I can take the survival kit on the road with me. How many times will you have late nights due to after school activities and events? I can gather some of these necessities and take them in the pouch and toss it in my purse to use on the road. You never know when a headache or muscle ache will strike.

Are you ready for Back to School time? What would you put in your Homework Survival Kit that will help you get through all the homework?

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  1. I really love this homework station idea. I admittedly hate homework time because we can never find the right supplies when we need them.

  2. That is a great idea. Everything handy in one spot, especially the part about being able to just grab it and go as you head out to activities. Good luck with homework this year!

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