Rainy Day Activity Part 2 Moon Sand

Moon Sand is so easy to make and will keep kids busy for hours!

Are you looking for a kid friendly activity that will keep your kids busy for hours? Try Making Moon Sand. This was our very first experience making this and it will not be the last! There are lots of recipes online about making your own moon sand and I’m going to share what I used today. It was soooo simple and took a few minutes to whip up.


Moon Sand:
4 cups of flour
1/2 cup of vegetable oil
Large plastic container with lid
I’m serious, that’s it!


Measure the flour and put in the container. Measure the oil and slowly pour over the flour using your hands to knead together. That’s it! Add some cups, spoons, or sand toys! Store in the airtight container to keep it fresh! I doubled this recipe to have more moon sand and it has lasted us all summer!  The moon sand should be moldable and not too yet. If it’s too wet, add more flour.

Disclaimer: After doing some research I found most of the recipes called for baby oil. I decided to not use baby oil and instead use vegetable oil. My reason was for my 15mth old that still puts things in his mouth. Baby oil can be harmful if ingested. I opted for the vegetable oil and it has worked great!

I can’t tell you how much my kids have loved this. My 15 mth old, my 6
year old, friends, and even me! It’s fun to play in 🙂 I keep ours in
outside and we set up a towel on the ground or play on the picnic table.
If some spills, we just water it down and we continue playing! Go make
some today!  This is also a perfect ‘rainy day’ or ‘quiet time’ activity to do!

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July 29, 2014
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