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So I’m a little late in seeing the movie Mom’s Night Out, but now that I have… I feel like I must tell Moms everywhere just how wonderful it is!  The movie basically brought my life to the big screen.  The main character, Allyson, is me., she is me!  She’s even a ‘Mommy blogger’, for pete’s sake!  I laughed a lot during this movie, and I cried a lot as well.

As a Mom (especially if you have very young children), I am sure you will identify with one or more characters in this movie.  And Dads will identify with a lot of this movie, as well.

I’ll try not to give too much away… Basically, Allyson has reached that point that I have reached many times – she is to-the-point-of-tears exhausted, easily irritated and not as happy as she dreamed she’d be at this point in her life.  She always wanted to be a Mom.  Always.  She dreamed of having a home, a great husband and children.  She has all of that…and yet, she isn’t always happy.  Shouldn’t she be happy?  Finally she plans a Mom’s Night Out with 2 fellow Mom friends.  What was supposed to be a carefree, super fun, kid-free night becomes total chaos, and Allyson once again feels like a failure.

She explains along the way that she doesn’t feel she is very good at the Mom-thing, but in reality, she is just overwhelmed.  I totally get it.  There is a very poignant scene where a new acquaintance gives her the best encouragement ever, and says to her (among much else) “I doubt the good Lord made a mistake giving your kids the Mama he did…”  I just cried and cried.

Here is a short video clip that combines scenes from the movie with dialogue by the producers.  Just this alone will bless your heart as a Mom, even without seeing the movie.

Watch this clip!

Such a sweet movie.  You will love it.  And what’s even better…the movie is rated PG and made by Affirm Films, so it’s sweet and real and honest and softly faith-based.  I appreciate movies like that a lot.  Despite being made by a lesser-known production company, it has some big names in it, and was well made.  Your husband will appreciate it, too, because he may recognize his wife a bit in the movie, AND he’ll identify with the husbands.

Oh, I said before that the main character, Allyson, is ME on the big screen. From the moment I saw her jump at her kids in the car, to the moment she watched TV in the dark for “Mommy time”, I loved her.  There’s one very big exception.  She sometimes gets up at 5 AM to deep clean her house.  I would never do that!  My sleep is far too important to me.


September 9, 2014
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