Muffin Tin Meals

Are you looking for a way to spruce up a kid meal and/or try to get kids to eat a variety of foods? Why not try muffin tins meal to make eating fun 🙂 Muffin tin meals are nothing new, I’ve actually been doing it with my daughter since she was little. She loves the eggs-style snacks too! It takes little to no effort and is a great way to make a meal or snack kid friendly and you can also clean out the fridge with leftovers!

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Muffin Tin Meals

What fun for a special snack or even a play date. Line some muffin tins with cupcake liners and add a few snacks and you’re good to go!

Have some random leftovers and don’t know what to do? Are your kids begging for a ‘snack’ dinner? Try muffin tins for dinner. You can add a hodge podge of foods from your fridge and your kids will be so happy. Set up a movie and lay a blanket down for dinner and a movie!


Muffin Tin Food Ideas:

Any fruits (just cut up)
Turkey dog (cut into small bites)
Bow tie noodles
Any veggies (cut up)
Cheese stick
Bean/Tortilla Roll Up
Lunch Meat
Cut up PB & J
Chicken Bites

Be sure to only give your child what they can tolerate and cut up fruits/veggies/meats to prevent choking 🙂

What other food ideas do you have for muffin tins?


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Your kids will love muffin tin meals! Take several little snacks and put them in cupcake liners to make a fun meal

26 Replies to “Muffin Tin Meals”

    1. This is totally toddler approved! It’s fun to mix and match foods they might not normally try too!

  1. How fun – what a good idea this is! Our muffin tin might get tossed but hey, WHO CARES it would be something knew to try 🙂 Thanks for sharing this, I’ll let you know how our muffin tin meal goes this weekend!

  2. Yeah – so I’m probably totally going to use these for myself, but oh well, if I can fill it with healthy stuff – also, this seems like a great way to keep your snacking under control: you get one tray per day, and that’s it 🙂

  3. Love this! So I don’t have kids myself, but I love making snacks with muffin trays because it gives me a chance to eat a variety of things with portion control. I use silicone baking cups.

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