Our Favorite Baby Products

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Our favorite baby essentials
After having kids you start to realize some of the major baby essentials and some of the non-essentials. Nicole and I have 5 kids between the 2 of us so we know baby items! Things have changed so much in the last few years since having our first babies in 2007-2008. Here are some of our favorites that we could NOT live without!
A list of our favorite baby products. We've got your covered for all your baby must have items!


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Snap-N-Go Stroller
Now this isn’t a new device at all. It was around 6 years ago when I had my first. But for some reason this little portable stroller literally SAVED me.  Being upright helped little man on his tummy (possibly had acid reflux but we never found out for sure). I would take this everywhere and used it all over our house. It’s how I got things accomplished around the house. I would just simply stroll him with me. I kept using it until he outgrew this car seat at around 10 months! It went to his babysitters house and my Mom’s house every single time. I miss this thing!! I cracked up looking at old photos because this kid is in this thing in at least 90% of my pictures!!!


Rock N Play Cradle
This was another LIFE SAVER for me. This was not around with my daughter so I had never seen this before. I was at one of my many follow ups after c/sec visits with my doctor in tears about how my beautiful baby screamed all night and I was getting ZERO sleep and trying to pump all night long. She told me about this wonderful contraption and I literally left her office and went to Target to purchase. I didn’t care if it cost $1,000! Lucky for me, it was on sale for about $45! This thing is what baby boy slept in until we moved him into his crib at age 3.5 mths. It went on road trips with us to Nebraska and the beach. It folds up so easily and flat. We easily moved it from one room to the next too. This was a MUST for us. I could probably say this was my favorite must have for us.


Crib Wedge
Once baby moved into his room as we feared- he started having some sleeping issues again. It was because he had to be flat on his back and he HATED that. He was used to always being in the cradle or stroller! I found this on-line and knew I had to try. Guess what, it worked! My baby is 15 mths and we STILL have this in his crib! It simply fits under the sheet on top of mattress and provides and instant lift for him. Again, not something I ever needed for the first one!


Sound Machine
This was advice I got from a friend before I had my daughter “GET A SOUND MACHINE!” I am so glad I did!! I got a sound machine before my first child was born and had it ready to go in our room (where she’d be sleeping in her bassinet). We played the heartbeat and it was wonderful. Later on we moved her to her crib (at 6 weeks!) and we had the sound machine going in her room non-stop. We take it on every over night road trip. My daughter is 6.5 and guess what? She STILL has a sound machine going 24/7. Before little man arrived I was out buying a sound machine for him too! They both prefer the sound of streaming water. I can’t tell how much these things have saved me! They have blocked out doorbells, dogs barking, the vacuum. You name it! If you don’t have one go GET A SOUND MACHINE!!


Hand Free Pump Bra
I had to exclusively pump to feed my babies. This kind of bra was not around when I had my first and I wish I had invented it!! Now in the pic the show this gal all fresh and looking good. Just chatting away on the phone all happy while she’s pumping. Looks are deceiving! This was not how I looked at all! I will say that after some practice I was able to pump like this and bottle feed little man at the same time during those awful late night/early morning feedings. Lots of practice and constantly switching him around but I did it. It saved me a good 30 min at each night time feeding (which is HUGE!). I pumped like this into bottles that I simply got ready for his next feeding. It was awesome. (As awesome as pumping can be)



Bottle Holder
This little contraption looks so handy! My little man was really stubborn and wanted US to hold the bottle for him. He didn’t start holding his own bottle until his 11th month and he was nearly off bottles by then! I know if I’d had this it would have helped him!!






July 15, 2014
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  • Reply The Camerons

    The Graco playard (or playpen to some) was a lifesaver! I loved its flexibility…a removable bassinet, diaper changing area, animal mobile with sounds, playpen area, and the ability to neatly collapse it into a carrying bag and take it with you! Lifesaver!

    July 15, 2014 at 5:56 pm
  • Reply The Camerons

    I feel cheated to know there is now an instant formula maker.

    July 15, 2014 at 5:59 pm
  • Reply Stacey

    I love, love, love the Rock and Play. My little one was preemie and had horrendous reflux and the only way he would sleep was upright.

    April 27, 2015 at 9:41 pm
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