No Cook PlayDough

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My kids love ¬†playdough. I love making my own because it is a lot better than store bought (my opinion) and it lasts a lot longer if you keep it stored correctly. I’ve always used an old cook top playdough recipe from my former preschool teacher Mom to make my own it it’s not hard but now I have found an even easier recipe that requires no cooking! All you have boil some water. Check out this easy no cook playdough recipe!


Last weekend we woke up to a very rainy and cold morning. All my kids wanted to do was watch tv or play on the Ipad. That’s fine for a little bit but not all day. I decided to try out this recipe I heard of for no cook playdough. It literally took 5 minutes (or as long as it takes for 2 cups of water to boil). That’s it. Do you have time to boil water? If so then you have time to make no cook playdough!



In just a few minutes your kids will be playing and having fun with this no cook playdough!

No cook playdough- ready in 5 minutes!

I also love to try out different playdough recipes. Check out this recipe from Just a Simple Home. She calls it the easiest DIY playdough! It totally different from my no-cook option and still looks great too!

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