One Pan Chicken Fajitas

We love Mexican food in our house. Taco night or fajitas are pretty much a staple. I usually buy the chicken precooked meat to heat up and make our fajitas until now. I discovered this simple way to make your own fajitas in just one pan! The chicken is so much better and this is definitely a cheaper way to go too! Add this one pan chicken fajita recipe to your meal plan!

One pan chicken fajitas

I love easy recipes. This is definitely one of those. It only takes one pan! Prep time is about 10 minutes depending on how many veggies you use. I love that I can throw this in the pan to bake while I do other things around the house. In just a short time dinner is ready with these awesome chicken fajitas. Add it with my homemade salsa or my jalapeno ranch sauce and it’s a perfect meal!


Love to get fajitas out? Try making some at home with this one pan chicken fajita recipe

These chicken fajitas turned out so yummy! I loved how easy it was and easy to clean up. No messes from tons of dirty pots and pans. I served these chicken fajitas on tortillas and then we garnished with our favorite toppings. We had plenty left over for lunch the next day too! That’s a win-win in my book!

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January 9, 2017
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