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2015 has been a great year for us at Daily Momtivity!  We got into a routine of blogging and even switched to Word Press. Our little blog has grown to more subscribers and fans, which is always fun too. Our family even grew, as Nicole shared Life with 3 Kids. The Daily Momtivity Moms took a little getaway together of the summer. It was a great year!  We’ve put together a list of our top 5 blog posts from the year. Enjoy…

Top5of2015 #dailymomtivity


*What’s In Your Purse?

What's in Your Mom Purse?

The Daily Momtivity Moms teamed up together on this post. We spilled the beans on what was in our purses! Moms have to be prepared and we found some pretty interesting things in our purses 🙂


*Advantages of Being a Working Mom

working mom, dailymomtivity 1 This was a special post for Shannon to do.  She’s a working (teacher Mom) with 2 young kids and it’s not easy task. Having to leave the kids at day care is super hard but she managed to be positive and find some real advantages 🙂 Getting to uses the restroom without kids following me is sure a plus!


*It’s Time for a Quiet Day

quiet day
When you are a parent, you spend a lot of time going non-stop. Running to and from school, dance, soccer practice, swimming lessons- the list keeps going and going! Nicole wrote a great post about needing a calm, quiet day at home.


*It’s All Temporary

It's only temporary, #dailymomtivity

This post is all about enjoying life’s moments right now, on this day because it won’t last. Shannon had some advice from a former co-worker on about even though things might be hard right now, it won’t be forever. We all need reminders of this from time to time.


* If My Husband Had a 50’s Housewife

Nicole is a very busy SAHM to 3 beautiful children. She writes all about what real life is like with 3 kids during the crazy dinner/bath/bedtime routine all when your hubby is walking in the door from a long day at work. Can you relate? I bet you can 🙂 Just how did the Mom’s in the 40’s and 50’s do it ALL???  We still can’t figure it out!


There you have it, our favorite posts of 2015. We are excited to see what’s in store for us in the new year. We hope you will stick around and join in on the fun. We’d love for you to invite your friends to follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Are you a blog subscriber? Sign up in seconds with just your email address. Email subscribers are the first to hear news from the Daily Momtivity Moms.

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2016 is Here’s to a great New Year, 2016!!  Happy New Year! Cheers!



December 31, 2015
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