#1 Post-Potty Training Essential

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Now that my youngest is finally fully potty trained (hallelujah!!), I seem to be needing a lot more toilet paper. Good toilet paper is a must have for post potty training. I’ve always thought it was important to buy good toilet paper because you can tell the difference in the cheaper stuff. I also know that I’m on a budget and I like to get a good price on paper products. Lucky for me Charmin has 2 new options of good quality toilet paper that won’t sink your budget!

charmin essentials strong

Charmin Essentials Strong and Charmin Essentials Soft are two new products that will help you get what you need out of toilet paper. With great prices on these you won’t have to stretch your budget or have a sore bottom due to cheap toilet paper.  Charmin Essentials Strong provides a big Charmin roll at a Scott® 1000- like price. It’s 3X stronger and long lasting.  But is it strong enough for my newly potty trained 3 year old?? Let’s put it to the test.

charmin 2

After just a few days of using it we love it.  It’s very durable it is and it is tough enough for a super strong and wiggly 3 year old! It doesn’t take much to use (which saves me money) 6 mega rolls = 24+ regular rolls from other leading brands. It makes me happy using it!

charmin 3

Are you ready to make a switch and see for yourself? Charmin is inviting shoppers to upgrade their Angel Soft® for Charmin Essentials Soft and Scott® 1000 for Charmin Essentials Strong. To participate,  simply Tweet your TP swap out request to @Charmin using the hashtag #CharminEssentials and #Promotion, and Charmin will send you a free roll.

#CharminEssentials TP Swap Program Terms & Conditions: http://spr.ly/6011B4QMT 

Post Potty Training Essential

I’m so happy I made the switch to Charmin Essentials Strong. It fits into my budget and keeps my family clean and happy! So what is my #1 Post Potty Training Essential??? Good toilet paper! It’s a Must!

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