Favorite Post-Workout Snack

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This year for my fitness goal I’ve been trying to do more workouts. As a busy working Mom, it can be hard to get it all in!  After a workout, I’m usually really hungry but don’t want to eat junk. Luckily, I’ve found a post-workout snack that is delicious!
My favorite Snack
My husband and I always give each other something for Christmas that we can both enjoy. One year we got a new laptop and another year we bought ourselves a new mattress.  This year one of the things we gifted ourselves was a portable streaming stick we plug into our tv. We both absolutely love it!


One of the things I love about it is all the options are add-ons you can get for free. One of the biggest perks has been Fit Tv. I have been able to find so many fun and simple workouts that I can do at home or even with my kids. From yoga to pilates or even weight training- it’s so easy to do and I love that the workouts are fast and fairly easy.


After my workout though I’m usually pretty hungry. I want to make good choices about snacking to not ruin the workout I just did!
My favorite snack
After seeing the new Oikos® Protein Crunch Yogurt, I couldn’t wait to try it! Dannon has combined the smooth Greek nonfat yogurt with tasty toppings to give the yogurt you love, the crunch you want, packed with the protein you need.


You can find these at Walmart near the yogurts and other dairy items. Make sure you take advantage of this great Ibotta offer.
 My favorite snack

This is an awesome protein snack with no artificial sweeteners with 17 grams of protein!!


I love that these come in 4 flavors too; banana & chocolate, chocolate oats & PB, oats & blueberries, and oats & peanuts.


When you need a good post-workout snack make sure you reach for Oikos® Protein Crunch Yogurt.
January 12, 2018
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