Preschool Fine Motor Heart Activity

Since I’m teaching preschool now I’m learning all of these fun fine motor activities that are great for young children. I’m teaching 3’s and we are learning scissor skills (it can be scary!) and starting to work on writing some for those that are ready. Fine motor practices are really important to help strengthen the hand muscles. This is a great fine motor heart activity that kids will love doing.

First fold a piece of paper and draw one half of a heart in dark marker color. Have your preschool practice his cutting skills to stay on the line. You might need to help hold the paper or even do hand over hand with scissors. Watch your fingers! Yikes! We’re staring to wonder if we have a true ‘leftie’ with this guy. He actually uses both hands but primarily his left! It’s crazy!

fine motor heart

After they have cut, open up the paper to see a heart! They will love this! Next take a single hole puncher and let them punch holes. This is harder than it looks. My 3 year old did best with me holding the paper and he used both hands to hole punch. He LOVED it. We did several hearts and he loved hole punching the best. He caught on to hole punching and with some practice was able to start doing it with one hand. His small hands had a hard time holding the hole puncher closed but he was trying!

Fine motor craft for toddlers, cutting and hole punching practice

To go a step further and really work on coordination you can have your preschooler use yarn and thread the holes!

Here’s another simple craft perfect for preschoolers! Check out this Valentine Heart Bird Feeder. 

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