Project Gratitude

I’m so happy it’s November!  This is my favorite month of the year, and Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  It’s finally cool here in Texas, and I’ve got my fall-scented candles going all day long.

It’s a great time of year to talk to your kids about what it means to have a grateful heart.  Certainly that’s something we should model all year long, but with this time of year being so much about presents and treats and celebrations…it’s easy for kids to become consumed with getting, rather than giving.

One way to foster a sense of gratitude and awareness of others is by making a Thanksgiving tree together.  For each day leading up to Thanksgiving, have your children think of something or someone they are grateful for, and add to the tree.  Here are some great samples, easily made at home.

Cute painted leaves cut out of coffee filters.  The painting will make for a fun Saturday activity, and the kids will be proud of their leaves.  I appreciate how simple the leaf design is, because I’m not gifted at drawing leaves!  (See more about this sample.)


Rather than a tree, you might like to make this cute garland! Each day leading up to Thanksgiving, the kids can tie another leaf onto a stick or rod. (See more here.)

Hand prints are always precious!
And super simple to make.

Or how about hearts?  The colors make them leaf-like, and the hearts speak to the love in your home.

This site offers a template for cute, fall leaves.  Print them on colored paper, card stock or fall-themed scrapbook paper, and you’re done.  As for the tree to place them on?  That can be as easy as gathering long sticks from your yard and placing them in a vase.  Rustic and fall-like…so cute.

So what kinds of things might your kids choose to write on their leaves? They will get the hang of it as the month goes on, and I bet they’ll have some great ideas.  Family, toys, friends, snacks they love, playgrounds, church, books, pets…

There are a TON of Thanksgiving tree samples on Pinterest, so check them out and find your favorite.  I intend to get started on mine this week.  The clock is ticking!

Happy Fall!

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