Pumpkin Bread (including a Starbucks copycat recipe!)

It’s officially fall and I am so excited for all-things-pumpkin to be in our midst again!  My favorite treat is pumpkin bread from Starbucks.  They actually carry it year-round, but at 400+ calories and 39 grams of sugar per slice, I have to save it for special occasions (or for those “I don’t care what’s in it, I want it anyway!” days).  If it was free and made of air, I could eat it every day.  Twice.

In Texas, it can still reach 85+ degrees outside and there’s not a
fall leaf to be seen quite yet. But I’m ready to break out the sweaters and bake pumpkin treats!  Here are some pumpkin bread recipes that I’ll try this year in an effort to fill my house with the scent (and taste!) of fall.  Calories shmalories.


Starbucks Pumpkin Bread copycat recipe:  Today I stumbled across a recipe site called CopyKat Recipes. They makepumpkin-loaf-collage-1 it sound pretty simple.  It seems to be all about the long list of spices, so check your cupboard or raid a friend’s to ensure you have what you need.  And how about an even simpler pumpkin bread recipe, made with pound cake mix?  SO easy, and I’ve heard it’s super yummy!  My preference would be to leave out the nuts (and my kids would appreciate that, too.)

And finally, never underestimate the goodness of a Pillsbury product.  I have made their Quick Bread Pumpkin Bread mix for years, and I think it’s yummy.  Not quite as moist as Starbucks’ bread, but very good.  I often make muffins with it instead of bread, because they’re great for lunchboxes.  I have experimented with using applesauce instead of oil, and adding a bit of pureed pumpkin to enhance the moistness, but honestly, straight out of the box is very tasty.

Happy Fall!

September 2, 2014
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