Earth Day Recycled Art Craft

recycled art project for Earth Day

Earth Day is the perfect time to talk about recycling and taking care of our planet with young kids. This recycled art cart is so fun and easy to make with all ages of kids!

I don’t know about you, but we are a big recycling family. I know we can always do better (as with everything). But recycling is so easy for us. Our city provides us with 2 large recycling containers and we use them by recycling everything from junk mail, boxes, cans, bottles, and everything we can.

My newly 5-year-old was learning about recycling in preschool so I thought it would be fun to do something at home to show how we can reuse something and turn it into art. So we created this fun recycled art craft!

It was fairly easy to do also because I really like easy things! If you also like simple Mom things like me then you should join my Simple Mom Ideas group! It’s a Facebook group I created with my blogging buddy Aileen. Come join us!

Recycled Art Craft

Soup Cans- cleaned out and wash

Art supplies like paint, glitter, brushes, wiggle eyes, anything else you want

Small Plants or Flowers

After the cans are dry and the label is peeled off. The kids can paint and decorate the cans however they want. They can make a silly face or a design. It’s really based off of what you have and what they want to do!

We had a beautiful day this week so we took ours outside and did a little painting out on the patio. I only had non-washable paint. #momfail for the 5-year-old who chose blood-red paint and got it all over a white t-shirt.

I don’t let my kids do glitter for much because (glitter drives me nuts) but this was a great thing for glitter outside and I let them go crazy!

Recycled Art Craft for Earth Day project using materials from your house

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April 22, 2018
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