Rice Cake Protein Snack

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This rice cake protein snack is a cinch to make and perfect for any occasion. It’s great for kids and packed full of protein!

Rice Cake Snack

I’m always looking for good, healthy snacks for my kids- especially my daughter. She is very active in sports and we are on the go pretty much every day with practices and games.

I need things for her that are full of protein and have some carbs because she is always burning so much energy. We have a lot of late nights and need some good things to refuel or keep her full in between games and meals.

Luckily my daughter loves peanut butter! She pretty much eats peanut butter in some form every single day. Want some peanut butter ideas?

Check out our favorite peanut butter snacks including peanut butter cookies, peanut butter balls, and healthy peanut butter cups. 

Seeing as though my daughter loves peanut butter I’m always looking for new ways to use peanut butter in a snack for her. She loves rice cakes and fruit so I figured this rice cake snack was going to be high on her list!

It’s very easy to put together quickly, and you can easily mix and match it however you or the kids will eat it. This is very much a great adult snack as well!

Rice Cake Protein Snack

Rice Cake Snack

rice cakes (I buy the chocolate ones, they are so good!)

PB Powder

fresh fruit

Cool Whip

Chocolate Chips

Optional: You can always add additional protein powders to make it full of protein and a healthy snack option.


Mix your PB powder to get a good spreadable consistency. You can also add in extra protein powder.

Spread the protein on the rice cakes.

Add fresh fruit like strawberries, blueberries, and even bananas.

Top with whipped cream and add in some chocolate chips for fun.

I told you how easy it is! We’ve found that 1 is a great option and if the kids are a little more hungry or want it as a meal then I’ll make her 2.

This rice cake snack really fills her up and keeps her fueled for a long time.  We’ve been doing this in-between games or before practice and it’s been great. It’s light enough but sticks with her during trainings.

Keep all the ingredients on hand because this will be something the kids ask for over and over! And Moms, this is a great adult-friendly Mom snack too!


Rice Cake Protein Snack- perfect for Moms and kids! A great way to stay fueled for sports too. #snacktime #ricecakes



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