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saving money apps #dailymomtivity

I’m so thankful for the invention of the Iphone. I literally could not live with out mine! It just makes life so much easier. Whether its looking up a number to call a business, check store hours, or get the ingredients for a recipe. I use it all the time. One thing I really love is trying to find new apps that help save money. There tons of  saving money apps out there and I’m constantly finding new ones. I thought I’d share a few of my favorites. Maybe one or more will be helpful to you!


saving money apps #dailymomtivity

1. Ibotta.  This is a very simple app that I use on a regular basis. Once you download, you enter your location and it searches for great deals at grocery stores, apparel, electronics, and restaurants around you. For example, this week at most major grocery stores I can buy a gallon of milk and instantly save 25 cents. Sometimes products are worth more so it’s something you have to check out regularly for deals. It’s easier than coupons! If you are interested and you refer someone else you’ll earn an easy $5! Ibotta is adding more and more deals so keep checking!

2. Checkout 51: This is very similar to Ibotta. Saving money on brands they post. The difference with this app is that you can shop at any store. You do have to upload your receipt. I earned $10 pretty quick on this app! Once you get to $20 you can cash out a have a check mailed to you.

3. Viggle   This app is for all the tv junkies in your house! It’s a reward system that allows you to earn points if you ‘check in’ on the app and show what you are watching on tv. I used this during the Olympics and got a lot of points! Points can be redeemed for prizes. I’ve been able to get some free red box codes. It’s pretty simple to do (if you can remember to use it!) and easy. Anything on prime time tv like America’s Got Talent, the Bachelorette- those earn big points right now.

4. Target Cartwheel  This is an app that I DO NOT USE but I know a lot of people that do and love it. I don’t have a nice Target super close to my house (sad, I know) so I’m not there enough to use this. It shows you good Target deals in the stores and can help you save money over time!

5. Swagbucks  I’ve been using swagbucks for several years now. Basically it’s a home page you can use. After you create an account you go to that site to search for things. The more you use it the more points you can accumulate and trade in for goodies. Here’s my link if you are interested!

6. Shoperoo. Now this is a pretty new app that I started using this Spring. It doesn’t actually save YOU money but it does help others. It’s more of a fundraiser.  You download and enter your favorite school and after submitting a grocery receipt  you can earn points. Earning points accumulates into money for your favorite school. Such a good idea! We’ve got lots teachers at my school use this and it’s great! The great thing is, there is no limit on the number of receipts you upload. I asked my mom to keep her grocery receipts so I upload those in too! So easy and it really can help schools!

7. Savings Catcher (Walmart Only) You enter the long digit at the bottom of your receipt online and supposedly Walmart will compare prices to other stores and if they find something cheaper they will give you the difference. I have been using it for about 3 months and I’ve made about $7. Not bad. You easily trade in for a gift card that goes to credit on your account. Pretty easy!

(Edited) Now you can download the Walmart app, sign in and scan your receipt in seconds! It will automatically compare other stores and give you the difference. On my last Walmart trip, I got back $7!!) That’s way better than clipping coupons to me! I also loaded my money on a Walmart card and was able to purchase a Puddle Jumper for my son to use next year. Totally free using Site to Store pick up!!

Here are a few other apps that I’ve tried or heard of but never kept up with: RetailMeNot, Shopkick, Kayak, GoodRx, Snip Snap.

Now with all these apps and coupons grocery planning/shopping can get crazy. Here’s a system that works for me. As I start planing my meals/grocery list, I’m checking out my pins on Pinterest to see if  what I need. I write down everything that I need. Then I check Ibotta and Check out 51 to see what deals are going on there. Sometimes there is something that I need and sometimes there isn’t. It just depends. I do NOT just buy things that I can get money back for unless it’s a product I really need or will use. Otherwise that defeats the purpose!

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Hope you were able to find some new  saving money apps and can make some money!!


Saving Money apps #dailymomtivity

June 24, 2014
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