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(Update April 2016, See below)

As a Mom of 2 young children, I am constantly looking for ways I can save some money here and there. I price comparison on groceries, shop at consignments for gently used clothing, and use coupons when I can. I’ve also learned that there are things you can live without if it means providing food and clothes for your kids.  One thing we cannot do without is electricity! With the warmer climate here in Texas mostly year round, we are sometimes cranking up our a/c in winter months 🙂 Thanks to Energy Ogre, I can save big on my energy bills.

Energy Ogre is a new Houston Technology company that is saving Texas residents save 40-60% on their energy bills.  It costs a $10 monthly fee but they do everything for you! They are like your own saving money personal assistant!! They search around to find you the best deals and save you all the cash. You can use this easy savings calculator, to see what you pay now and gives you an estimate of what you can save. It’s so easy to sign up and get started!

How Engergy Ogre can save you big money

I was skeptical… I was also under a contract. I thought there was no way this was going to work. Being under a current contract was not an issue at all. In fact, the Energy Ogre website says, “ If you are in a contract, we verify details of your current plan with you, and factor in what you pay Energy Ogre as well as what a termination fee you may have with your current provider. Once we have the options narrowed down, we would discuss them with you to determine if it makes sense to switch. If you are not happy with the options at this point, we could cancel your membership and refund your payment before any changes are made to your electricity plan. ”

After signing up I was emailed within minutes a welcome email and a step by step of what would happen. All I had to do was scan in a recent copy of my bill. In the meantime, I called my current company to find out the termination fees and any other fees left. Energy Ogre did all the work!  It didn’t take any extra time out of my day. After submitting my fees and charges with my current company they sent me a spreadsheet that showed my 6-month plan and calculated my savings per month.

I honestly had to blink a few times,  couldn’t believe the savings they had found! The amount in green is the estimated savings after fees for the next 5 months if we chose this plan. The first month we would have to pay the early termination fee and balance left from the average billing we previously had. Fullscreen capture 1302016 51403 PM

All I had to do was accept the new plan and Energy Ogre took care of the rest! I can’t wait to get my first new bill!!

Energy Ogre can save you big bucks on Texas energy bill

Are you ready to save big money on your Texas energy bill? Energy Ogre is the place for you. I couldn’t be happier with the service and all the representatives that helped me along the way. It was by far the easiest way to save money and I can’t wait to hear about all the money you will save too!

***Update: April 2016***    Just to show you this is for real! We got our first bill with the company. Our previous bills were anywhere from $250-$300.

energy bill savings

What are you waiting for???? You are crazy if you’re not using Energy Ogre! We are now saving close to $200 a month, that’s $2400 a year!!


February 1, 2016
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