Seeing the Vacuum as Half-full

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Dust is my nemesis.  I’ve decided that I will never win this war.  Today, while putting toys away in the playroom, I was further discouraged about the dust in my home when I realized that the bedrooms in my girls’ large doll house are dusty, too.  Great.I am so disheartened by the mysterious and constant reappearance of my dust (insert 50 tips for dusting here – I’m tried them all), that I’ve decided I will just have to change my perspective.  I will now cease lying in bed at night thinking about the dust in my house (and the dolls’ house as well).  Rather, I will choose to think about all of the dust I have REMOVED from my house over the years and what my house would look like if I hadn’t tackled it at all.  Just as I look through the clear cylinder of my bagless vacuum cleaner and feel a gigantic sense of accomplishment for all the dust mites, dead skin cells and hair that I have gathered…  I will sleep better looking at my vacuum tank as half-full.

And in the morning when I wake up, I will NOT look up.  Because if I do, I will see the layers of dust on my ceiling fan blades…which I haven’t dusted in about a year.  (It’s hard!)

I decided to search online for “How to get rid of dust”, hoping for either a new tip or a witty retort to share with you about this bain of my existence.  I would like to thank the good people at WikiHow for publishing their article “How to Get Rid of Dust: 6 Steps”.  I found tips #2 and 4 especially helpful.

2. Dust your home.
4. Tidy up your entire house, and keep it that way.

The best part about #4, is they went on further to suggest:
  • Wash your dirty clothes, and fold and put away your clean ones.
Um…really helpful, right?  So I searched further.  Here is an article that I actually did find very helpful.  Great tips.  But at the end of the day, I think our only hope for winning the woman vs. dust conflict, is to lower our standards.
These are very clever tricks – most of these I have never heard before!
15 Dusting Tricks for Your Home
And a good article from the always-awesome HGTV website.
HGTV/Keep Dust DownA recipe for all natural Dusting Spray!  Sounds easy and useful!
All Natural DIY Dusting Spray




June 17, 2014
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