4 Service Project Ideas That the Whole Family Can Participate in

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service project ideas

As a parent, you want to instill good values in your children. One way that you can do that is through community service. People who help to make the world a better place usually find that they are happier, and working together as a team builds a spirit of unity within your family. Children love to feel like they are part of the solution to problems while they also are more likely to give back as adults when they are taught to do so as a child. An unlimited number of possibilities exist for your family to do community service.

Clean Someone’s Yard

Many seniors and disabled adults find it impossible to keep their yard looking pretty. Therefore, you can clean their yard up for them. Start the process by renting a dumpster, so you have a place to put all the debris. Depending on the project, you may paint, repair, pick up limbs or put in a low-cost flower bed. Not only will the senior or disabled adult appreciate your work, so will everyone who drives by.

Feed Someone

Many families find that they are constantly having to throw food away because they do not eat it before it goes bad. Yet, numerous seniors are struggling to buy food in addition to their medicine and paying basic utilities. Fix a plate of food and share it with a senior in your neighborhood. Your children are likely to make a new friend, and they will have someone to talk to that has lots of wisdom gained through life. Better yet, encourage the senior to come eat with you at your table.

service project ideas

Pay off Someone’s Holiday Purchase

People often put things on layaway because they will need to struggle over several weeks to pay for just a basic item for the winter holiday. Ask around churches, community service groups, and other such organizations until you locate such a family. Then, get your family involved in a project such as selling hot cocoa or breakfast burritos to raise money to pay for their purchases. Secretly, slip into the store and pay for the purchase. Most stores will keep your anonymity if you ask them too.

Hand out Winter Coats and Hats

Those who live in homelessness or near homelessness often do not have enough money to buy scarves, hats, and gloves to keep them warm in the winter. Your family can easily make these items using a loom knitter or buy them in stores. Then, choose a day to drive around and hand out these supplies. Up your family’s game in some communities by giving them to bell ringers who are earning money by ringing a bell to raise money to help others.

There are numerous ways that your family can be a blessing to others. Use these ideas as a springboard to create your own ideas as there is something that every family can do to make the world a better place.

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December 6, 2017
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