Shamrock Sun Catchers

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My kids love simple and fun craft ideas. These shamrock suncatchers are easy to make and take just a few items!

Start by tracing or cutting a shamrock template that will be traced on a coffee filter. I found a shamrock image online that I used. Cut the shamrock on the coffee filter and have your kids color.


Make sure to use washable markers. Once they are set on the coloring then spray the coffee filter with a spray bottle to wet the entire shamrock. Let it dry flat. (could take a few hours) Once dry, hang on a window or somewhere in the sun. My kids loved making these shamrock sun catchers! It was a simple craft and used stuff we already had around the house.

Shamrock Sun catchers! A fun craft idea using a coffee filter.

While you wait for the sun catchers to dry why not do this fun printable from!  They are my favorite go-to website for games, worksheets, and other learning activities.

Let’s celebrate St. Patrick’s day and practice our spelling by searching for fun words in this word search printable. For more spelling activities like this head to

shamrock suncathers

Click below to print the worksheet for yourself!



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February 14, 2018
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