Summer Fun 2014

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It is officially summer in my house. You have no idea how good it feels!!  I have been counting down the weeks/days/hours since about October of this year. (It was a rough year for me!) We have lots of summer plans and I can’t wait to share them with you!


Here’s a look into some thing we’d like to do! Every week I’ll updating and telling you all about our summer of fun!

  • Go to a new Park
  • Swim in a Public Pool (since we have our own)
  • Snow cones
  • Feed the ducks
  • Visit the library for story time
  • Get family pictures taken
  • Sell lemonade
  • See a Movie or Two 😉
  • Get Mommy/Daughter pedicures
  • Have Donuts for breakfast
  • Night Swimming (my daughter’s favorite!)
  • Family Game Night
  • Have a craft day
  • Make our own bubble mixture
  • Host a Pool Party
  • Visit a Splash Park
  • Make Gak
  • Bake a new sweet treat
  • Collect old toys to donate or sell
  • Sonic Happy Hour for a special treat
  • Send a card to a special friend
  • Plant some new Flowers
  • Go to a pet store
  • Paint a canvas
  • Ride bikes to the park
  • Create a chalkboard area in the kitchen
  • Host a play date
  • Stay in pj’s all day one day
  • Eat out at G’s favorite place (on the patio)
  • Run through the fountains
  • Make Smores and eat them outside
  • Watch fireworks
  • Host a sleepover

This list was all complied by the ideas of my 6 year old and myself, the Mom. After a few trial and errors on my chalkboard here’s what we have.

We decided to check off things that we do so after a few weeks we can see what we’ve done! We already have a few to check off.

Looks like we better get busy 🙂


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