Sunscreen, A Summer Must-Have

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There have been some new changes recently to sunscreen. Sunscreen is something I am very big on. We have a pool so we are always out in the sun.

Sunscreen is a must.  It’s so scary to think that the sunscreen I’m pouring on my sweet babies’ skin could be  bad!  I decided to do some investigation about sunscreens and what the FDA recommends.

Here are some important things to know:

  • Look for products with SPF of 15-15 labeled “broad spectrum protection”
  • Sunscreen is not made for infants.  Babies younger than 6 months should not be in the sun.
  • A shot glass size (1 oz) is the amount of sunscreen you should use (on adults).  Not just a few dots.
  • No sunscreen is waterproof! (even if it says it!)  Look for “Water resistant” (and read the fine print on how long!)
  • Avoid sunscreen sprays (I’m a victim of this. Easy to use).  The FDA wants to do more tests on sprays, and says the chemicals can get into your lungs.

I decided to go check out sunscreens in the store to see what I could
find. It was also time to throw out old sunscreens. Sunscreen does
expire!!  I was shocked at the amount of spray-ons. I mean hundreds of them. Shocker, I found some that still said “Water Proof/Sweat Proof”! (NOT TRUE!)

After some searching I found something I think is okay for the kids. (They are my main concern!) It seems like it has everything I was looking for. The Broad Spectrum and SPF of 30.


Since we have a pool and we are in Texas, we do try and swim after 4:00.  After 4 our pool is 1/2 way shaded and we opt to stay in the shade. (Especially with the baby). I always have the baby in a hat. He hates it and fights but I keep it on. Even if I know we are staying in the shade we ALWAYS put on sunscreen! So far the Coppertone that I bought in the picture above is working great!

Here’s a great video I found on the FDA site about sunscreen: ABC’s of Sunscreen

Now, back to our fun summer!


June 16, 2014
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