How to Survive Mornings When You’re Not a Morning Person

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When you have kids your sleep schedule certainly changes. Kids love to wake up early and thrive when they don’t take naps! I’ve never really been a morning person but when you have kids, someone has to be able to get up with them and get them going. I’ve learned that I have to do a little planning and prepping to get over the early morning start with kids.


  • Set Alarm on Coffee Pot: I’m not a coffee person but I speak from experience with my husband. If he takes to the time the night before to prep his morning coffee then he’s a much happier person 🙂 Do you thrive on coffee? I’ve NEVER tried it! I hate the smell so there’s no way I’m going to taste it! I like to have water or my Diet Dr. Pepper ready!
  • Pick out Clothes the Night Before: This is essential and saves so much time. I tell myself that there is NO changing. Whatever I picked out is what I’m wearing. I even get shoes/socks ready for kids. That saves big amounts of time. Especially for kids. For some reason we can never find the right pair of shoes so it has to be done the night before!
  • Pack Lunches the Night Before: This has always helped me. I might not have the entire lunch totally packed but I will try and have the bulk of it done so I can slip in a few extras and be done. I’m packing 3 lunches most mornings so it can be very stressful and getting water bottles together with snacks and ice packs. It’s best to plan ahead and do some at night. I have found the best to pack lunches is when I’m cleaning up for dinner that night. The kitchen is already a mess and sometimes leftovers work for school lunches so this is when I normally lunch prep. Read all about My School Lunch Tips from a Former Teacher.
  • Make a reasonable bed time and stick with it: It can be hard as Moms to just forget things we need to do and turn in to bed. Now that school is back in session and we all have to be up early I have to go to bed at a reasonable hour too. I’d love to stay up all hours of the night watching Friends re-runs but then I wouldn’t be my best the next morning!
  • Get up early: This goes with going to bed early and this is SO HARD for me but I have to set an alarm and get up. Or really, I have to drag myself out of bed (on non-work days). I don’t want my kids to be late for school so part of being responsible is getting up earlier so I can get a few things done too. I admire those Moms that get up super early before their kids and get everything done! I wish I could, but I LOVE to sleep!

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I know I feel so much better when I have a little bit of time to myself in the mornings. Since having kids I’ve always gotten up first and gotten myself ready before they wake up. I’ve always had to be out the door at a certain time due to work so that’s a big motivation- I don’t want to be late!! I wouldn’t really call myself chipper in the mornings but I know if I do these few things I can feel better and be a better Mommy.

Are you a morning person? What are your tips?

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November 21, 2016
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  • Reply Autumn Leopold (@AutumnLeopold)

    I just had to say that I too hate coffee and the smell and my hubby LOVES it and I too have a weakness for diet Dr. Pepper! 😉 I have one son who’s eight so I don’t have to do as much but one thing that helps our morning is NO TV and having lunch snacks prepped which I do on Sundays. 🙂 Thanks for the laugh and great post Shannon!

    November 30, 2016 at 9:52 am
    • Reply Shannon

      The no tv rule is perfect! We limit the tv in the mornings but my daughter can get sucked in!!!

      November 30, 2016 at 9:55 am

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