My Tailgating Must Haves

I absolutely love this time of year. We are all so excited for a new football season and we love to tailgate! To tailgate though you have to be prepared! Here are my tailgating must haves!

Walmart online pick up makes it so easy to get all of your tailgating must haves. I was able to score some great products like these Coleman Quad Chairs with Cooler Pouch and the 16 Qt Wheeled Cooler.

Good Food/Drinks:

That’s a must, right? Fun snacks and finger foods, chips, dips, and wings are the best. Anything you can throw on the grill and eat with your fingers is going to be a good option. Don’t forget the napkins 😉

A Good Set Up:

This is important. I know people that get to a game like hours and hours before it begins just to get the best spot. I like to come prepared for anything. Luckily Coleman gear at Walmart has everything you need. From chairs to grills and coolers. They have it all.

Coleman has tailgating bundles with discounts! You can now get all the essentials you would need for a tailgate while saving money!

A Good Game:

Well, your team might not win every single game. A loss is bound to happen at some point this season! The good thing about tailgating is that it makes it so fun you might not even care if you lose the big game, you’ll just be enjoying the company of friends and family. We were devastated when the Cowboys lost in the playoffs last year. It took awhile to get over it! Now that the new season is starting up again we are excited for the new year and hopeful again! You can’t win them all!

What are your tailgating must haves?


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