Reasons to Take a Multi-Family Vacation

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Reasons to take a multi-family vacation

Have you ever wanted to take a multi-family vacation? It’s the best for so many reasons!

It’s almost summer which means vacation time, hopefully! Maybe you’ve been saving up and finally getting to go on that big family vacation. The planning and saving is totally worth it to get out of town and be off with your family. We’ve been taking a multi-family vacation with my family the last few summers (at least 8 in fact) and it’s been such a blast.

I’m very lucky that my extended family (my parents and brother/family) all live close. Even though they live close by we don’t get together as often as we could. Schedules and Kids/Work keep us all very busy like most families. Every year we get together and take a family vacation. We’ve gone to different beaches, taken road trips to Colorado, and rented beautiful houses at local lakes.

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reasons to take a multi-family vacation

Reasons to Take a Multi-Family Vacation

More Affordable

We all know vacations are expensive, right? Taking a vacation with a larger group and can really help with the cost. If you share a house you can save and buy food to make meals and split the costs. It saves so much money.  We usually put in money together to buy groceries and eating out so we share things. It helps with money!  Remember when you start your planning that it’s best to go places during their offseason!

More Fun

Everything is better with more people, right? I like to be with just my own family of 4 too sometimes but my kids get bored and I do too. When there are more people around there is more to do and more people to play with. It ends up being better for the kids and the parents. You can still split up and do your own things if you want to. You don’t have to do everything single thing together every day.


The kids look forward to it every year and every year is more fun than the last. What’s the best is we make special memories to keep and hold on to forever.  Maybe you don’t have an extended family you can do this with but you can totally round up some friends and still take a multi-family vacation.

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Reasons to Take a Multi-family vacation

I’m gearing up for another family vacation soon with these guys and I cannot wait. The cousins have such a great time together and we make so many family memories!

June 3, 2018
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    I love family vacation. Every summer when the kids are free from homework, I expect for a family trip.

    June 18, 2018 at 3:40 am
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