Teaching Kids About Credit

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teach kids about credit

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Have you ever talked with your kids about money and credit? It’s something that is so important these days! Teaching kids about credit cards, debt, and money can lead to some very important life lessons that will only help your kids in the future.

teach kids about credit

As my kids are now getting older, they are starting to understand the value of money. They want money and love to save.  I’m so happy they love to save and encourage them to.

There are some very simple things you can do as a parent to help encourage good financial habits for your kids.

Tips to Teaching Kids About Credit

teach kids about credit

  1. Start a piggy bank! This can be done as young as 2-3. I gave my kids these fun banks and they LOVE to collect coins and put them in. The bank counts the money for them and shows the total. Every once in awhile I will empty out my coin purse and let the kids put the coins in their bank.
  2. Give kids chores/allowance  We started this with my daughter probably a year ago but it can certainly be done earlier. She does a list of extra chores a week and at the end earns an amount we came up with. This helps kids learn the value of money and doing jobs.
  3. Teach kids about credit and debt.  As my daughter is older I’ve been able to talk more about debt and the importance of having money before you buy. She is at the age where we are about to open a debit card for her to pay for things she wants with her own money.  You can teach kids about credit scores and what happens if you can’t pay for items you put on a credit card.

teach kids about credit

Have you looked at your credit score lately? This is something that my husband and I are pretty good about but I never really knew how you can improve your score. Lexington Law is a trusted leader in credit repair.

I’ll never forget as a freshman in college outside our student center there were solicitors handing out credit card applications. It was so easy to sign up and start charging things I didn’t have the money for.  Little did I know opening a credit card and not using it correctly could lead to some serious trouble down the road.

teach kids about credit

Lexington Law has actual lawyers who drive our credit repair process and will even intervene with client cases when the need arises. You can call now for a free credit report consultation! They will help you to know your credit, repair your results, so you can live your life.

The process is simple to begin and with a when you get your credit report they will go over some ideas with you to help you along the way. This is especially good if you are in the market to buy a house or a new car.

teach kids about credit

During my consultation I was able to get good advice on the next steps to kickstart my repair efforts in hopes of buying a new house. Once enrolled it’s very easy to check in and follow your credit. They have an app you can use for quick access.

Lexington Law are the leaders in credit repair! Call today for your free consultation.

Keeping my credit in check is helping me to make good financial choices and teach these great tips to my kids!

What are you doing to teach your kids about credit?



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