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Keeping up with a family schedule can be extremely difficult. From school events to sports games and practices, Moms and Dads all over are doing their best to keep up with what day soccer practice is on and what color jersey to wear to the next basketball game. Thankfully TeamSnap is here to save the day. Parents will love the instant communication and all the options included.

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TeamSnap is a website that coaches and team managers go to and set up a team. Parents can get the app (that is available via iOS and Android) that takes all the communication hassle out of team sports! Founded in 2009, the makers have and continue to work hard to help their customers including coaches and parents. Their goal is to have it so user friendly that anyone can pick it up and use it.

I’ve been using TeamSnap with my daughter’s soccer team for the last 6 months. It is so easy to use and I love all the information that is easily accessible. Some of the highlights that I personally like:

  • Team roster of each player (this helps parents learn the players names/numbers) Info on minors on the team is limited due to privacy but I love being able to see who is coming to each game.
  • Messaging options   The coach can send out a direct message (and I get a notification on my phone) if a game has been cancelled or a change of venue.  Parents can also message back! You will get direct notifications of changes to events to keep you updated at all times.
  • Maps. Maps of the locations are also included to help you find them. I love this feature too! It takes the guessing game out of where exactly places are!

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  • RSVP options for all practices/games     Let’s say you can’t make a game or practice for some reason, all you have to do is click on the option that your child won’t be there and it automatically tells the coach.
  • Refreshments: This is an option if your team chooses to participate in team snacks. My daughter’s team does not use this option but it would be very easy to use and let everyone know when their scheduled day was.
  • Upload Photos: I love taking photos of my daughter’s team when playing. On TeamSnap, you can upload photos for all parents to enjoy.

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This app is everything all in one place and as a parent with a daughter in sports I LOVE THIS!

I’m not a coach, but I would think this would be so beneficial for coaches and team coordinators to use.  There are several options to choose from, including a free version. The updated version has a lot more options for larger teams including a payment option. I love this option on the parent side. I can easily pay for uniforms and fees directly via paypal and not have to worry about writing checks or tracking down the team manager.

Get your kids’ teams set up today on this easy and user friendly site. Right now there is an amazing offer to get 4 months FREE (a $72 value) with no credit card needed at sign up. This is a great offer. Tell all the coaches you know about this! You will love the easy accessibility and coaches will love the features and one stop communication!

August 1, 2016
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