Thankful Craftivites, Easy Kids Crafts for Thanksgiving

This is the first year in my 15 year history of teaching that we have the entire week off for Thanksgiving. Hip, Hip, Hooray!! (We usually get off only the Wed-Fri of the week.) Having my bug off all week from school means I have to keep her busy. She LOVES crafting and painting. I love having her do some sort of holiday craftivity that I can save over the years. Today I’m sharing some of our favorites 🙂

First up, Thankful Turkeys.
These are totally cute and Grandparents love them too. You need paper folded like a card or white card stock works great. A variety of paints for the prints. I did this one 2 years ago with my daughter, but now that she’s in 1st grade I’d make her write the whole thing and add more turkeys 🙂

Thankful Pumpkins:
I actually did these with my students this year and it turned out to be really cute. We brainstormed 8 things we were thankful for and wrote them on strips of paper. I stapled the strips together on the top and bottom forming a pumpkin. Leaves were added as well. Follow this tutorial:

Watercolor Turkey:
This was a new easy water color activity I found on pinterest. I did it at my school to for a fun Friday activity 🙂 This makes a great ‘quiet’ time activity and my daughter made several versions. Really fun and simple! We love water colors!



Turkey Hand Print:
One more that I haven’t done yet but I might try. It looks like a great keepsake turkey to have and hang around the house during this time of year.

Happy Turkey Day!

November 27, 2014
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