20+ Thanksgiving Crafts For Kids

20 + Thanksgiving crafts and printable ideas for kids. A list of so many ideas, some even perfect do to at the table on Thanksgiving Day.

Thanksgiving is more than just turkey and stuffing. Celebrate the holiday with crafty ideas designed to keep you and your family busy. From children’s crafts to home decor, try one of these creative ideas to decorate your home and give thanks to everything that you have. 


The preschool and printable crafts will keep your family busy, and the turkey game for kids looks like a lot of fun. Turkey cupcakes might be a sweet dessert idea too! 

20+ Thanksgiving Crafts just for kids! A list of some of the best ideas and printables- some perfect to do at the table on turkey day

20+ Thanksgiving Crafts

  1. Turkey Popcorn Treat Bags
  2. Turkey Cupcakes
  3. How to Make a Wood Pumpkin for Thanksgiving
  4. Free Thanksgiving printables individual Thankful Tree kit
  5. Paper Plate Turkey Craft For Kids
  6. Thanksgiving coloring pages – printable cartoon turkeys!
  7. Coffee Filter Turkeys Thanksgiving Craft for Kids
  8. Thanksgiving Coloring Pages- Free Printables! 
  9. Turkey Suncatchers for Thanksgiving
  10. Cute Hand Print Turkey T-Shirts for Thanksgiving
  11. T is for Turkey Preschool Craft
  12. Easy Fall Leaf Turkey Craft for Kids
  13. Cute Color Matching Turkey Toddler Craft
  14. Adorable Cricut Thanksgiving Faux Pumpkin Craft
  15. Toilet Paper Roll Turkey Craft
  16. Paper Bag Turkey Craft
  17. Turkey Game for Kids
  18. Tie-Dye Thanksgiving Turkey Craft for Preschoolers
  19. Thanksgiving Blocks from Repurposed Game Blocks
  20. Build-A-Turkey! Free Printable Paper Turkey Template for Thanksgiving!
  21. DIY Thanksgiving Napkin Rings
  22. Kids’ Handprint DIY Tablecloth for Thanksgiving
  23. Thanksgiving Favor Bags
  24. Turkey Suncatcher

  Which Thanksgiving craft idea do you want to try first? 

October 10, 2022
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