The Best Ideas for Packed School Lunches

School is almost here (or here for some of you!)!! Are you ready for school lunches??? I can honestly say that I did NOT miss packing up school lunches every day. I’ve enjoyed my time off but that time is over and now it’s time to get in the mind set of back to school packed lunches again. I want to keep things easy that’s why I’m sharing the best ideas for packed school lunches.

Last year I shared my best school lunch tips from a teacher’s point of view. I can’t tell you how many parents send lunches for kids that either they cannot open or the kids do not eat. It’s so sad. My best tips is to go shopping together and pick out healthier options of lunch items your kids will eat. Your kids will need to eat and you do not want them wasting food or going hungry.

I rounded up some of the best ideas for packed school lunches from some of best blogger friends. Some of these ideas are from me too 🙂 I’d love to hear your ideas also. My kids do not love sandwiches and they usually end up soggy and icky by lunch time anyway so let’s try some of these out!

The Best Ideas for Packed School Lunches

Now that you have some of the best ideas for packed school lunches, just what are you going to put all these great lunch ideas in? Well,  I have the perfect solution for you! Fit & Fresh have always been my favorite bags for me and the kids. They have the best stuff to keep you organized!!!

Since it’s back to school time, why not start the year off right with a new insulated lunch box and ice pack set?? 1 winner will get their choice of a new lunch kit! You will be all set for those school lunches, good luck!!


August 14, 2017
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  • Reply amy guillaume linderman

    i like to pack cheese cubes, triscuits, a homemade muffin, and maybe a yogurt and sparkling water

    August 16, 2017 at 8:14 am
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