The Perfect Summer Drink for Kids

the perfect summer drink for kids

If you are looking for something fun for the kids to make and drink poolside or just outside I have just the ticket! Let this be the perfect summer drink for kids!


My kids love fun things to drink. The majority of the time they drink water but every once in awhile they drink juice. My daughter is just starting to love lemon-lime soda so on special occasions she has that. When we were on vacation a few weeks ago I created a fun drink and they loved it!

This fun summer drink takes a little prep work to make some ice cubes but then putting the actually drink together is easy.

  • First,  you will need to freeze some flavored juice into ice trays. You can either make some kool-aid or you can add flavored water. I happened to have some different sports drinks so I just used those. (All we had on hand was gatorade and I would definitely like to try some other things next time to make brighter ice!)
  • Freeze these trays. These will be your ice cubes. Depending on how fast your juice freezes, it might take 3+ hours. I made these in the morning and by afternoon our trays were ready.

the perfect summer drink for kids

  • When the ice is ready, you will need some plastic cups and some lemon-lime soda.
  • Add your colored ice cubes to a plastic cup.
  • Pour the lemon-lime soda until it reaches the top.
  • Serve with a straw and enjoy!

The kids loved drinking these on a hot day outside and it was fun for the 4th of July! The ice was yummy to eat too! There are so many different ways you can change it up with the ice cubes though to make it fun for the kids or use what you have on hand.

The perfect summer drink for your kids! Make this to keep the kids refreshed and having fun this summer time.

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