Things I NEVER did before having Kids…

Things I NEVER did before having kids

The other night we were planning to take the kids out to dinner. Since we have a little one still, it’s hard to just go out to eat. I have to plan ahead. I have to PREPARE. It got me thinking and somewhat laughing on the way to eat about all the things I do now that I NEVER did before kids…

Things I NEVER did before having kids


Before kids I NEVER:


  • Carried wipes with me. Now? All the time, everywhere! Wipes are essential 😉 Table cleaners, hand cleaners, nose wipers…
  • Worried      I can hardly remember what it was like before kids but I know my biggest worry would have been being home in time to watch Lost or if I picked up my clothes at the cleaners before they closed. For real.


  • Left the house w/o make up. Like NEVER. I’m still not the best at this but I have learned to really not care as much. No time!
  • I never knew just how much stuff you HAVE to take with you just to run a few errands. And how much of a pain car seats and strollers are!


  • Knew just how good at catching vomit in my hand I’d be. When you have a child with a bad gag reflux you catch a lot of vomit!


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  • Could multi-task as much. I could do a few things at a time but now I can talk on the phone, vacuum, dust, clean up, all while carrying around my 25 pound 15 mth old!


  • Had anything follow me around so much! My dog didn’t even follow me around as much as my kids do! Everywhere, especially the bathroom.
  • Knew how much sleep I’d just not get. I used to sleep all the time. Nice peaceful, beautiful sleep! 8 hours or more with no interruptions! Imagine!
  • Had much to do. Like really what did I do before kids??? I have no earthly clue. Husband and I were married 3 years before we had a baby. 3 years! What the heck did we do for 3 years??? Love on our dog, I guess!


  • Knew how hard it was to be a Mom. I knew it was hard but not HOW hard. Now I see all the worry and grief that goes in.  The giving up sanity to help the kids. How you come last.
  • Thought I’d drive a minivan! Guess what? I did for 2 whole years. Then I traded it in. I wasn’t a mini van Mom but I sure tried!


  •  but mostly before kids I NEVER knew how much I could love something more
    than anything in the world. Yes, my kids drive me nuts sometimes.
    Sometimes I can’t wait for bedtimes and a time when  I’m alone for a
    second. But as soon as I see their eyes in the morning,
    the green like the forest and blue like the sky eyes they have I’m
    thankful. Their long lashes and baby soft skin. I can’t imagine my life without them. Both of them. Before kids, I never knew what it meant to be a Mom. The hardest, but most rewarding job in the world.


I’m so thankful to be their Mom!
All about how life has changed since becoming a Mom! There are so many things I NEVER even thought about doing before I had Kids!


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