Things You Can Do to Help a Blogger Friend

Help out your Blogging friends with these easy ideas #dailymomtivity

We’ve been blogging over a year now!  We didn’t have too many expectations from this at first. We just wanted to share some parenting ideas/Mommy humor and maybe a few kid friendly recipes. We love sharing our blog with people and are amazed we have readers all over the country 🙂 Some times our blog can be hard to share with our close friends. We don’t want to bombard our friends news feeds or turn them off. There are a few simple things friends can do though that really help bloggers out. Blogging takes work! We work daily and weekends writing posts, sharing on social media, commenting on other blogs, and just getting our name out there.

Help out your Blogging friends with these easy ideas

1. One of the best things you can do to help your blogging friend is to share the blog with friends. This can be by word of mouth, or text them the website address. I love hearing about blogs!

2. Are you on Facebook? We are too! If you haven’t already like our page on Facebook. It takes a few seconds and then you’ll start to see our posts. We not only share our posts on Facebook but we also share other blogs that have similar Parenting Ideas or good Mommy tips! Most likely your favorite blogger has a fan page. Like the page and start seeing what they are posting.  By simply ‘liking’ a post we share or even commenting on the post Facebook makes that post get onto more feeds. More people will see it and that’s what we want!


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3. Become a Blog Subscriber:    Bloggers build email lists and send out newsletters/info to their fans. We’d love for you to subscribe to our blog by entering your email. We will never share your info with anyone else. When you sign up, we offer a free Family Fun Printable that you will get sent to your inbox.

4. Follow on other Social Media: Most bloggers are on all big social media platforms like Twitter/Pinterest/Instagram. Find them and share their stuff. That is really appreciated!

5. One last thing you can do is to talk to them about their blog. If you read a good post, take a minute to comment on the blog. I love it when friends/family say they read something on our blog. The positive feedback keeps us going and helps to see we have an audience.

We love our fans at Daily Momtivity! Any feedback or comments you have for us we’d love to hear. Thanks for joining us on this fun road 😉

A list of things you can do to help out your friends that blog




4 Replies to “Things You Can Do to Help a Blogger Friend”

  1. I often feel like I am bombarding my friends when I share my blog on my personal page. I hate feeling like that! I’m having a hard time getting my blog seen by others, I’m going to have end up hiring a web designer, I think because whatever I’m doing, it’s producing little to NO results! So I end up turning to my friends… a lot!

    So this is good info to have out there, for people to know how much work it is to do a blog and try to get it there. 🙂

  2. Great post! I love point 5! I think it is important that we let our friends in on what we are doing. Sometimes it sounds so strange “Oh I’m blogging” or “Oh I work online.” But it is real work and the more support we can get from family and friends the better!

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