Time Flies

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Pretty much the most common thing that strangers and family/friends say to me at least on a weekly basis is to enjoy every minute. They grow up so fast.


My first time being a Mom

And I have to say… they are right…


Somehow right before my very eyes my little baby girl has/is growing up. Now I know we still have a long way to go and we are still right in the middle of  “Parenthood” but where has the time gone? It seems like just yesterday I took her home for the first time and my life began. A few weeks ago I posted about what I Never did before I was a Mom (read it here) and I was wondering about what I did before kids? I can barely remember. I can barely remember because I feel like my life began when I became a Mom.

Holding my 2nd born

So now we are closing out another summer and I’m always emotional at this time of year. I only get to be a stay at home mom for about 9 weeks when school is out. Life of a Teacher/Mommy. I’ve tried to make it a fun summer. I’ve tried to enjoy it, even the ugly times.

But really, all I did was blink a few times and it seems like my life just passed right on by…

My little baby girl, she’s just a baby, right? She can’t be going into 1st grade. She can’t be turning 7 in less than 2 months. How is that possible? She’s just a baby.


And this guy? There is no way he is 16 mths old. No way. I just came home from the hospital with him, right? I was just staying up all night getting NO sleep tending to a screaming baby, right? That was just yesterday, not 16 mths ago! He can’t be upright walking and talking? But he is. Life is going by at full speed.

So my advice? (even though I’m not very good at practicing what I’m preaching) My advice is to take the time to stop and watch. Take the time to play and goof off with your kids. Don’t always say “NO”. Get in the pool and swim with your kids even though you are not the most comfortable in your bathing suit. Give them an extra dessert every now and then. Read the extra bed time book even though you are exhausted. Put your phone down watch the lame Disney channel!
 Take the time to enjoy it, because time goes by so fast!


August 28, 2014
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