Tips on Dealing with a Fussy Baby

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My 2nd born baby started off as any normal baby. He would sleep during the day and party at night 🙂 Pretty soon the parties at night turned into total chaos and he would literally fuss/cry from 11 pm-3 am. Every. Single. Night. I was desperate for any help/relief for both of us.  I turned to some Mommy friends and they had some excellent advice. Dealing with a fussy baby is no fun at all. Sure, every baby has their fussy times but when it continues to go day and night you have a real problem. Here is some advice from real Moms on how to deal with a fussy baby.

Have a fussy new baby? Try these Mom approved tips

Tips from Real Moms on how to Deal with a Fussy/Colic Baby:

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* Drive baby around in the car     Pack baby up in the infant seat and drive around. I had a lot of people tell me to do this!

* Keep in infant seat and stroll around house    This is what I did. He loved his seat and infant stroller so I just strolled around the circle in my house 🙂

baby 3

*Use a heating pad and blankets    This helps ease the baby, especially if they have tummy issues. Make sure that the pad doesn’t get too hot (the thin hospital blankets work great).

*Put baby in infant seat and set on dryer during a drying cycle    Another one that several Moms told me to do.

*Infant Adjustments at the Chiropractor.   After 3 straight weeks of screaming I took baby to my chiro and he worked wonders on him! So many chiros do infant adjustments now. It helped me and the baby!

* Sound Machine    My kids still sleep with sound machines. I always give this as baby shower gifts!

*Sleep in baby Swing        Swings don’t work for all babies but try some out. Some parents swear by these.

*Vibrating Bounce Chair    I did have a good bouncy chair. After feedings I NEVER put him flat. I always sat him in a seat. He even slept in a bouncy chair at night for the first 2 months!

baby 4

*Rock n Play Cradle     This turned out to be my FAVORITE baby item of all time. After we discovered this, we finally started getting some sleep. I took this with me EVERYWHERE.

*Woombie    Several friends recommended wraps like this.

Remember, this phase won’t last forever. Even though it really feels like it. At around 6 weeks my baby just stopped screaming less and less. It was literally like a light switched in him. I had tried just about everything. I would just tell myself that it was just a phase and it would last forever.

(I do recommend speaking to your pediatrician. After 4 nights of consecutive screaming from midnight until 4 am our dr. recommended some anti-reflux meds. Every baby is different but you do not want them to suffer, or you!)

But guess what? You will survive. It wasn’t easy and those dark, lonely nights are still stuck in my brain. I can still here his cry sometimes in my mind.  I’m happy to say we are in the wonderful ‘3’s right now with him so I did survive and I know you will too 😉









January 4, 2017
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  • Reply aileen

    My first was fussy, too. Car rides always did the trick. Also, life got much easier once we got a rock n play. I’m on my third baby now and they have all slept in it for their first few months. It really does help them sleep better.

    January 4, 2017 at 6:23 pm
    • Reply Shannon

      The rock n play was my saving grace!!!! I cried when he got too big for it!

      January 4, 2017 at 7:59 pm
  • Reply Get Rid of A Pacifier

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    January 26, 2017 at 6:22 am
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