To Plant a Garden is to Believe in Tomorrow…

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have a nice corner area in our backyard perfect for a little garden. One weekend we got the area all ready to plant some fun things.  My daughter couldn’t wait!  For some reason Home Depot is one of
her favorite stores. It’s been a store name she’s recognized since she
was little and has always loved going there. (Don’t ask me why!) 
My happy Home Depot helpers

One day
after school we packed in the car to head to Home Depot. They had a
great assortment of plants and she wanted everything! I let her choose a
few things until our basket was full enough. We grabbed a few more
garden gloves because we always seem to lose those.  

A few days  later, we got to work. It was early, but a nice morning so it wasn’t hot out. We had lots to do. Deciding where to put our plants, cutting the labels off, and actually digging. My 6 year old did a pretty good job digging. She tried her hardest and did not give up.  🙂 
We ended up planting some rosemary, mint, basil, peppers, cilantro (died within 2 days), cucumber, tomato, and a watermelon plant. Now weeks later from planting I can tell you that our garden is going strong, but it looks like an overgrown mess 🙂 
Do you have a garden?  
If so, what works for you? 


June 3, 2014
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