Top Tips From Fit Moms for Finding Time to Exercise

Top Tips From Fit Moms for Finding Time to Exercise

As difficult as it is to stick to exercise regimens, the job is almost impossible for moms. Between having to take care of the kids and all the commitments that come with that (not to mention regular commitments), it feels like there’s no time in the day to exercise. Here are some top tips from fit moms for finding time to exercise.


Get it in Early

The early bird may get the worm, but the early mom gets the workout. Exercising before the day becomes hectic is a surefire way to guarantee that you do some exercising. If you know you won’t have time during the day, then get up a little earlier and work out before the kids even wake up. Check out this Excercise Calculator!  Its the perfect tool to help you achieve your goals faster.

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Schedule Time

Putting something down in your schedule means you are more likely to do it. This tactic can be applied to exercise. Pull up your planner and find an open window of time for exercise, and make an appointment to exercise. Doing this makes you more likely to keep your appointment, while putting it in the family planner means everyone else in the family knows what you’re doing and when you’re doing it, allowing them to make adjustments to their schedule.


Have a Plan

You need to think about what kinds of exercise you’ll be doing. There’s very little difficulty in mustering the motivation to actually work out. The problem comes when you need to decide on a workout routine. Spending time wondering what you’ll be doing also takes time away from actually being able to do it. Planking is a good idea. Try this planking challenge on to get started.When you’re going to exercise, you need to have a good plan in mind of what you’ll do.


Get the Kids Involved

If you can’t get time to yourself to exercise then just give up on trying to find it. There are times you won’t be able to get away from the kids long enough to exercise, so just get them involved with it. There are added benefits to this as well; such as showing your kids how strong and fit you are and setting a great example. A good way to bond with your kids is exercising with them, so get them involved if you can and when you need to.


Get in Those Stealth Workouts

Stealth workouts are the solution if you’ve got no time at all in your workout for a schedule. Find any little pocket of time you can exercise, even if it’s something as simple as doing a bit of strength training or hopping on the treadmill while the kids are busy. You’ll be surprised at what you can do if you have a little bit of ingenuity.



Finding time to exercise as a mom isn’t as difficult as it sounds. It just takes a little bit of extra thinking. Find time in your schedule and write down that you’ll be using it for exercise. Have an idea about what you are going to do, and get the kids involved, and you should have no trouble sticking to an exercise program.


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