Travel Games For Kids

The best travel games for kids

If you’re going on a road trip anytime soon you will need some of these travel games for kids. Keeping kids busy and not complaining is a hard task but these ideas will make it more fun for everyone and the time will go by much faster!

The best travel games for kids

We’ve been taking road trips with our kids since they were born. My husband’s family lives several states away so the best way (and cheapest for us) is to travel long distance to see everyone.

Long road trips in the car with kids can be a challenge. I have definitely learned several tricks and tips along the way. The best thing is to keep them occupied with food, movies, and travel games!

We allow our kids to watch movies and this made a huge difference in our sanity. Restricted screen times goes out the window on a long road trip. If you are on a trip that will take several hours I advise you to check out these travel games for kids. They are little ideas of things to pick up here and there that will not make a mess and keep the kids occupied!

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Travel Games for Kids Ages 3-6


The best travel games for kids ages 3-6

Spot It! Jr               Paint By Sticker           Take N’ Play Anywhere Bingo               Wikki Stix Traveler              Water Wow Bundle

Erasable Doodle Book                    Tablet Doodle Board                I Spy From A-Z                     RoadTrip Auto Travel Bingo

Hidden Pictures                 Dots and Mazes Erasable and Reusable                  Magnetic Puzzles                       Brain Quest

I would also recommend some type of travel tray.   When we only had 1 child I would ride in the back with my daughter and help her play games and keep her occupied if she wasn’t nappying. A travel tray is really nice and handy if it folds up easily and will help with any travel games for kids.


Travel Games for Kids 7 and Up


The best travel games for kids 7 and up

Rubberneckers Travel Game                    Kanoodle                      Take N’ Play Hangman            Mad Libs                Games on the Go

Interstate Travel Bingo Set           Guess in 10                     Brain Quest                     Electronic Writing Pad


I highly recommend an IPAD or DVD player to keep the kids (young and older!) occupied! Below is one of our favorite accessories for the car! We have 2. Since our kids are far apart in ages they NEVER agree on movies so they each have one for their IPAD. I also recommend a good pair of headphones!

travel games for kids

Tablet Headrest Mount        Headphones for Kids


Do you have any other ideas that your kids love to take in the car and play? Taking a road trip soon? Be sure to check out my road trip tips! 


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