Trunk or Treat

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Last weekend I helped set up a Trunk or Treat with my daughter’s 1st grade friends. It’s a small neighborhood school and we’ve all become friends.  I thought it would be so fun to have a some sort of Halloween type event where the kids can dress up and have fun. A trunk or treat came to me after seeing some ideas going around on Facebook. Trunk or Treat’s are the new ‘thing’ to do for churches and fall festivals. You decorate your car trunk and park while the kids travel around to each car. It was very easy to set up and the kids had a great time!


We probably had about 20 cars that participated and more kids came in wagons or as walk ups. The kids all wore costumes and we had goodies and treats. Some brought food for picnics and others brought lawn chairs and drinks as we all chatted. The kids seemed to have a great time. I did have a good time time too but let me just tell you my littlest is 18mths now and has a mind of his own. He wondered off a few times and about nearly gave my husband and I heart attacks because we were very close to a busy street. Luckily he was found quickly both times but I was sweating bullets! Seriously!


This was our car, ghost poop! I’d seen it somewhere and thought it was cute and everyone loves marshmallows! I got the biggest kick out of the kids reading the sign too. Some of them got it right away and I heard a lot of phonetically sounded out ‘gost pop?” It was cute. The kids got treats and played while the adults hung out and chatted. We had Princess cars, super heroes, Animals, and some strung lights up. It was really, really fun.

Here’s my crazy crew. The pumpkin and zebra girl. I have to point out that my husband literally had one job to do that night to help me. One thing. While I was running around getting dinner, decorating the car, filling drinks, and 10,000 other things. He had one. I asked him to get the pumpkin dressed. I’m pretty sure I even threw his costume at him right as we were supposed to be outside and said “Can you put this on him please?” and later I discovered the pumpkin without a shirt on. Really? Who puts a costume on without a shirt on underneath? Totally a Dad. Sigh.


October 24, 2014
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