Totally Cute and Fun {Turkey Suncatcher Craft}

turkey suncatcher craft

If you need a simple Thanksgiving craft then look no further. This turkey suncatcher craft is easy enough for toddlers, and cute enough that kids (and adults) who are feeling crafty are going to want to make one.

turkey suncatcher craft

We always like making these fun suncatchers over here. They are really easy and don’t require many materials. Plus the kids can make a few at a time, which is always nice! No matter what colors they do, they almost always turn out really cute as the colors will run together from the water. That’s why this is a great activity for toddlers as well. (Make sure to use washable markers!)

Turkey Suncatcher Craft

Coffee Filters

Washable Markers (variety of Colors)

Spray Bottle filled with Water

Plastic tray or cover on table when they spray


Brown paper for turkey body


Googley eyes

Color sheet of construction paper to glue everything on (optional)

Turkey Suncatcher Craft, the perfect craft for kids to do around turkey day! It makes little mess, good for toddler or preschool


  1. Start by letting the kids color the coffee filters any color and designs they want. Just be careful when coloring to not rip the filters!
  2. Once they are ready, make sure you have a tray down or paper and let them slowly spray the filters and watch as the colors start to spread. It’s important to not go crazy on the spraying. They will want to!! Just a few sprays.
  3. Leave the filters down to dry for a few hours. If they are very wet, I transfer them to paper towels to dry out more.
  4. Using brown paper, trace a turkey head and let the kids cut out. (Great scissor practice!!)
  5. When the filter is totally dry (it might take a few hours!) glue they turkey body to the filter.
  6. Glue on eyes and add a mouth.
  7. You can hang up your turkey suncatcher or glue it to a colored piece of construction paper!
  8. If you don’t add the construction paper, you can put the turkey on a window or glass door to let the sun catch all the colors on it! They look cute in a classroom!

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