Valentine Heart Bird Feeder

Heart Bird Feeders

I love everything about Valentine’s Day. The red and pink everywhere makes me so happy. I just love that it’s a sweet holiday. When I was teaching it used to be one of my favorites. It was a time when kids were actually nice to one another!! Here’s a sweet activity you can do with your kids- make a Valentine heart bird feeder!

Valentine Heart Bird Feeder

I love making crafts with my kids and this was a fun project that was really budget friendly. I was able to get everything at the Dollar Tree. We have a Dollar Tree right by my house and I am forever finding good things there! I’m amazed at some of their products that work great. They actually have a really good craft section now and they are decked out for Valentine’s Day now too.

To make these adorable valentine heart bird feeders you will need some pipe cleaners, string, and some fruit loops. Start by forming a heart out of one of the pipe cleaners. Pour some fruit loops in a bowl and get busy stringing. This is an excellent eye-hand coordination and motor skill activity for little hands. I was worried the fruit loops might break but none did.

My help just might have eaten more than he strung on by that’s okay, right? He kept saying “I just love this cereal. Mmm, It’s so good!” Who could resist??

After you have a pretty good amount on, make sure you have left some space at the bottom to tie the ends together. Now tie some string on and hang outside for the birds or squirrels to eat!

This was a very simple but fun craft to do with the kids. I loved that it was super cheap and good motor skills practice too 🙂


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