Ways to Mold Your Child Into Becoming a Leader

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As parents we all aspire to teach our children to be authentic, we want them to grow to be passionate and courageous, to have the best of everything and to know how good they are. We try really hard to teach them to think about their actions, to be better and kind and to inspire others around them to do their best as well. It is a big responsibility and it is very important to start doing it during early years. Here are some compelling ways that can help you mold your children, help them become their best selves and get the most out of life.


Be a good role model

First and the most important thing you should do is to set a good example. Children look up to you as their parents – role models and learn from your behavior and the actions you take. That is why it is crucial, to be honest, and work on your flaws. Make sure your actions follow the things you are saying, show integrity even in failure and let them be a part of both – your failure and your success. They will learn to accept the mistakes they make and learn from them. Be a good listener to show what that means to your children and always show a positive attitude. If you want your child to think outside of the box, then you have to set an example and ask more open-minded questions.


Control but don’t contain emotions

Another crucial thing in molding your children to become leaders from a very young age is to realize the importance of developing emotional intelligence. They absorb every word you say and the way you react in certain situations, in a way, they are like little sponges. You have to talk to them, teach them to be compassionate and empathetic, explain that is good to feel and to show your feelings. Teach them to be kind but not naive and show them with your own actions. One of the essential qualities of becoming a leader is to be emotionally balanced, to be able to control the emotions, but not contain them. Teach them to be fair and not judgemental to others.

Appreciate the effort

Always be honest with children and never exaggerate when acknowledging their progress (contribution and initiative) since it can have a negative impact on children and make them do everything for praise not because it’s good for them or they want to do it. Try to explain what they did wrong or right and give them feedback on their actions and reasons and arguments. Appreciate their effort and teach them to value others opinion even though it might be a criticism. Show them what it means to be responsible and how to deal with the consequences of their actions to help them start thinking in advance and become aware of their behavior.


Recognize the abilities

There is a positive correlation between teaching your children to deal with criticism and appraisal and the way you are dealing with the marks for their scores in school.

Instead of focusing on their scores, recognize their effort and abilities. Always be patient when talking to your children. If they have problems with reading, writing and communicating, well, simply invest in additional education – meet their specific needs with additional junior program English classes to help them overcome the problems and explain that there is nothing wrong with needing help. A good leader knows how to rely on his team, and asks for helping hand in certain situations.  


Risking and failing is essential for succeeding

It is good to teach your children to take risks at a very young age. Letting them risk and fail is a stepping-stone to becoming a successful leader in future. Try not to be overprotective – it is hard, but you need to step away and let them deal with consequences of their actions, with failure and success. That is the best way to teach them how to think in advance, to gain new experience from failure and embrace it. Let them overcome the fear by making their own decisions and encourage them to be positive and to take the best of any situation instead of being sad, disappointed or scared.


These are all simple ways that can help you a lot when molding your children at a young age to become their best versions and good leaders in future. It is important not to pressure them and if you don’t recognize the leadership qualities and skills in your children, then don’t insist on choosing the future for them. It is your responsibility to talk to your child and nurture the leader inside. Simply show them the way and be there to help them with little things.

5 Ways to Help Your Child into becoming a natural leader

The above article is a guest post written by Lelia Dorari, Author and Contributor to Millenial Magazine.

January 29, 2018
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