Ways to Beat the Heat With Kids

I’m not sure if it’s hot where you live but here in Texas, it gets so dang hot! So hot that if you are not swimming when you’re outside then you’re going to be miserable. Keeping kids entertained when it’s so hot is no easy task. They get bored so easily! Unfortunately, we can’t just hit up our local park or ride bikes all afternoon here. I’ve put together some fun things you can do with kids to beat the heat and have some fun, even if it’s 100 degrees outside!

SWIM: This is an obvious choice because what else do you do in the summer time but swim? We are lucky enough to have a pool in our backyard. That is great but sometimes it’s fun to hit up a local splash pad or community pool with friends. Being in the pool means lots of work and lots of sunscreen. We are very careful when we are outside in the sun (even in the water) and stay away during peak sun times.

BAKING: Baking can be so fun to do with kids. Aileen Cook’s has lots of fun baking ideas to help get you started. We love to bake treats and bread like our favorite banana bread. Our favorite is a non-bake treat so the oven won’t heat up the entire house with our no bake PB energy bites. They are so yummy and perfect for picnics and after swimming snacks.

ARTS/CRAFTS: My kids LOVE arts and crafts! It’s so fun to get scissors out, glue, and colors to make something fun. There are tons of ideas on Pinterest. Have you followed us on Daily Momtivity? We pin lots of fun craft ideas. My kids love water colors too.

MAKE A FORT: There’s something so fun about getting all the blankets down and making a fort in the living room. Sometimes we set up a tent too and it keeps my kids so occupied! LOVE IT. They bring stuffed animals and have a great time. I let them have flashlights and they are good to go. Sometimes I’ll let them watch a movie on our portable DVD player in the fort and it’s like an instant drive in movie!

CRAFTIVITY: My kids are all about doing a fun project. Some of their favorites are Baking Soda/Vinegar fun, Gak, No-mess Paint, and Play-dough. These are so simple to make and provide lots of entertainment. I’ve been known to have a solid craftivity day and just let my kids do these fun things back to back to back. The peppermint sensory paint we made was a huge hit!

LEAVE THE HOUSE: These are not free activities but we like to get out and visit a fun place that has good a/c. Some of our favorites are ice cream and snow cones. It’s amazing how when you eat something cold you forget about how hot it is until you walk outside again! You can also go to the library. They have so many free events and kids love it.

Looking for some FREE family fun? Check out these activities that are totally free and will keep you entertained!

These are all our favorite things to do to help beat the heat. What are some of the things your kids love to do when it’s super hot outside?

March 22, 2017
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    […] Daily Momtivity – Ways to Beat the Heat with Kids […]

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    Thanks for these! We live in Phoenix so we totally get the heat! Not looking forward to it being hot the next 8 months! LOL! Have a great day!

    March 26, 2017 at 10:05 am
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