Wubble Rumblers Inflatables for Kids

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Wubble Rumblers for Kids

This post is sponsored. We received some Wubble Rumblers to help facilitate our review. All opinions are ours.

Looking for a fun gift idea for the kids in your life? Check out these fun Wubble Rumblers- where kids can play and have fun. 

Wubble Rumblers for Kids

Whack ’em, Smack ’em, Bop ’em, Chop ’em,  These are made for good old rough and tumble fun that is safe in the home!

I’m always looking for good gift ideas for the kids and these Wubble Rumblers are just the thing. They are so fun, easy to use, and good prices.

Wubble Rumblers for Kids

As we head into the winter months when we will be spending more time indoors these Wubble Rumblers are the perfect solution for some indoor fun.

Styles include a Wrestler, Ninja, Fist which is all found at Target! Wubble Rumblers are the latest in the Wubble family. Remember the Wubble Bubble Ball???

Setting up the Wubble Rumblers just takes minutes to do and then the kids can be off. All rumblers include a nozzle to help inflate.  Some adult help might be needed but kids can also help to do this job.

Wubble Rumblers for Kids

The Wubble Rumblers are made of squishy, squash, super soft, and lightweight material. All are recommended for kids ages 6 and up and are perfect for rough and tumble play for kids.

Now kids can battle it out between friends or even siblings for fun play fighting. My kids have been loving to battle with one another.

Wubble Rumblers for Kids

Honest Review of Wubble Rumblers

Here’s my honest Mom review! These are totally fun and super easy to set up. They did start to lose some of the air quickly so make sure you keep the pump handy.

They do promote activeness so make sure you have some space for kids can play safely. My kids totally loved these and they would make a great birthday or holiday gift idea.

I really like how reasonable the prices are. Most are set at $12.99 or less! These would also make great stocking stuffers.

Be sure to check out other Wubble products including these adorable Fuzzy Wubble that are super soft and cuddly. (Great gift idea!!)

Wubble Rumbers For Kids, These Wubble Rumbers make great gift ideas for kids! #WubbleRumblers


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